Designing a bathroom is essential when it comes to interior designing. Why? Because after a long day we all need to get a hot bath. The environment and the surroundings affects your mind.

There a number of tiles available in the market and you will have to choose the best for you bathrooms.

Many of us neglect this area and trust me you will regret it one day. You can have tiles from the best shops either online or conventional for having spanish tiles or you can have some antique tiles, but before heading out do some paper work so that you might not waste money.

You can not use wallpapers for your bathrooms and  kitchen, because they will get wet and will finally leaf out. Making your walls old and mundane. Tiles are the best alternative during these situations.

Before starting let me clear this thing. Tiles can be in a number of forms and type. You must choose according to your taste and style. The things to look for prior to your own choice is the reliability and ease of fixation.

In case you are calling a plumber or some mason then make sure that they know which adhesive will be best for fixing the tiles. otherwise you will be in a loss.

  • Vinyl tiles

These are the most used types of tiles. they are very easy to fix, they do not need expensive adhesives for fixation. Moreover they have got designs which will appeal you.

Who does not want to get an affordable decorating piece for their bathrooms? They are unlikely to break early, once you have fixed them well they will last longer than you think.

  • Stone tiles

As the name implies these tiles are actually made up of stones. These are trending. You can use them not as bathroom floor tiles but for decorating the walls. They look very classy and exceptional. The availability of colors is very limited in this class. 

  • Marble tiles

These tiles are rather sophisticated and they are also suitable for the walls. You can also have them for the floors but it can get very slippery because when you have marble tiles they are likely to react with soap and this makes them even more slippery.

Marble tiles are comparatively expensive and using them outside your bathroom will make it more attractive.

  • Wood floor tiles

This is a risky game, as they have a woody material in them so using them in bathrooms can destroy them a bit. I have some suggestions. If you really want to use these tiles for your bathroom you can have them in the wardrobe area.

Another thing that you can do for preventing the loss by humidity is sealing the tiles. it is a kind of plastic covering that will be nearly invisible and your tiles would be safe and secured from a single droplet of water. If you have got kids avoid having these types of tiles in your washroom even with sealings.

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