The tumor is known as the worst disease found in human beings all around the world. And from all across the globe, it has been seen mostly in the different States of America. Cancer is a fatal disease which does not only affect the patient but also affect its families; plus it is also wearisome to the social health care system. The public expenses for cancer went up to 125 billion dollars which are being expected to cross 156 billion dollars by the year 2020. In the United States of America, the tumor rate is about 318 for every 100 thousand people.

In the Eastern United States, tumor rates are very high. The highest rate was recorded in Kentucky which was 512 people out of 100,000 individuals yearly. Kentucky is known as one of the poorest US states, because of which no such measures were taken by the government for the treatment and prevention of tumor. Hence, the state depicts higher death rates by cancer. There is one more reason why the disease is high in this state as it was established mostly on the tobacco business.

List of States of America having the highest rate of Tumor along with their yearly estimated number of cases:

California (178130)
Florida (135170)
Texas (121860)
New York (110800)
Pennsylvania (80960)
Ohio (68470)
Illinois (66330)
Georgia (56920)
Michigan (56590)
North Carolina (55130)

There are several kinds of cancers and tumors are to be found in America and the most dangerous one of them was breast cancer in the last year 2018; around 268,670 deaths were caused by it. However, they experienced the second highest deaths from bronchus cancer and lungs cancer as it resulted in 234030 causalities.

Throughout the entire United States, the most common types of tumor are bladder, embrace colon, lung, breast, and skin. Plus, charges of leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, thyroid, endometrial, pancreatic growths, and kidney are expected to increase. However, if you detect any one of them during the early stage, you can cure them with proper treatment.

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