During the time of discussion with the tea merchants around us, everyone agreed that in the natural climate change throughout the year, there is a natural climate time period that is the best time point for the conversion of Pu-erh tea. Best time is summer to autumn.

In the summer of each year, under the condition of ventilation, the high temperature and high humidity of the natural climate is the period of the biggest change in raw Pu-erh tea products during the year. The internal quality of the tea products has begun to undergo dramatic transformation under the dual influence of temperature and humidity. At this time, as people go to school, they begin to learn and grow, so that the bitterness of Pu-erh tea products slowly wears off, much like the benefit of Hong Kong tea warehouses "entering warehouses". In the following autumn, under the ventilated state, the natural high temperature and low humidity, the high temperature will continue the previous conversion environment, and the low humidity will weaken its activity, so that it slowly restores the tea to a stationary state, no longer changes at a high speed, making it more mellow Slippery, like the benefit of the "refund" of the Hong Kong tea warehouse.

And at night every year, the temperature and humidity are reduced, the conversion speed of Pu-erh tea is relatively slowest, so that the conversion period of Pu-erh tea is only half a year, and the rainy weather will be encountered in half a year. The conversion of Pu-erh tea may also go to the other extreme (mouldy), so tea friends tea merchants pay great attention to protection, try to low temperature and low humidity, and reduce the conversion time of Pu-erh tea, leaving only an optimal conversion period of one or two months. How many years will it take to achieve the desired fragrance.

  The concept of Pu-erh tea storage in the traditional Hong Kong warehouse is to keep Pu-erh tea in a period similar to the best storage period of summer every year. It can be stored for one year to have the benefit of five or six years of storage period. Then transfer to the best return period similar to each autumn, as a cycle, it can achieve aging conversion in one year and three years.

Due to the short life, a cake of Pu-erh tea can take ten years to reach the taste of thirty years, and how many years in life. Moreover, the Pu-erh Indian-grade tea products that are basically recognized by all tea merchants and tea friends in the market today. The Pu-erh No.-grade tea products have passed through the Hong Kong warehouse, and the taste has been improved to this day.

   A cup of Pu-erh tea, from boiling water, brewing and then pouring the soup into a cup, share with two or three friends, and lay a few words, life is a great thing.

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