Kaya FM is known to be a broadcasting radio channel which is located in Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa. It is owned by RadMark Media House which manages all transmission of the channel. It began telecast in the late nineteenth century. This station presents full-day telecast throughout the week. It telecasts three several formats: Jazz, Urban, and African Indigenous.

Its transmission also focuses on information and news, except music. It uses a frequency of 95.9 MHz on the FM band. In August 1997, FM 95.9 hit the waves. Usually, it attracts an urban audience, which is between the age of 25-49.

People residing in Gauteng, South Africa is the main target of this network. The core listener of Kaya FM is Afropolitan (A player and thought leader).

The mission of the network is to increase the voice of the black community. It presents their music, culture, tradition, and art to promote it all across the globe.
The transmission of the channel began on Aug 1997. Usually, the authorities don’t approve the frequencies so quickly for private commercial radios in South Africa.

But it gained a name of being the first private commercial station which used a frequency. It delivers a mix of talk and music, which makes it slightly different from other channels which are licensed to ICASA.

Following are the main shows of the network: Kaya Central, Georgie in the Afternoon, Top 40, Listen to Kaya FM Bizz and Entertainment News. Listen Kaya FM 95.9 Online Radio Streaming here.

David O’Sullivan presents a morning show of untraditional kind called Breakfast with David. Another famous show is My Money and Me. Thuli Magubane telecasts different updates related to financial news in the program. Guest’s Influential Friday and Jenny Crwys Williams’ Saturdays with Jenny are known to be wide-listened programs. The current issues in the Gauteng are discussed by John Perlman’s Today.

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