Gabz FM 96.2 is known to be one of the most popular radio networks in Botswana. It airs via radio transmitter right from Gaborone that is the capital of Botswana. Mostly people from Gaborone Gaborone and its surrounding towns listen to this radio. FM 96.2 also delivers live telecast to seven other economically active, most developed and populated cities of this nation.

It also provides its valuable service 24/7 on the internet; therefore, people living at any portion of the world can access to this channel just typing the URL of its website. This channel provides you social issues, political issues, economic trends, and both national and international news. This network is known to be a source of entertainment, information, and knowledge. Its concern is people from all age groups. The audience loves different shows of this channel at various topics and also enjoy its music selection.

The channel is known for telecasting its shows in the English Language, and it uses the Adult hits genre.
This radio network service delivers shows on several topics. Few programs are for entertainment reasons such as dance shows and music; some others are related to knowledge or information. The content of its programming includes talk shows, social issues, economic trend, business, music, and politics. Following is the list of some famous shows of Gabz FM. Streaming of Gabz FM 96.2 Botswana is available here.

This show airs every Thursday on 16:00 to 17:00 which is hosted by New Skillo Aabobde. This radio telecasts for one whole hour. This program aims to update farmers about latest methods of agriculture by which they can increase their production in a short period of time. Professionals are invited to this show as a guest who discuss different situations of farming methods. This program discusses various farming-related topics such as climate changes, the effect of weather, market trends, and international agricultural policies.

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