Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and has elevated a lot of different aspects. It has made perfect new theatres and introduced new museums. As these buildings are already representing different kinds of arts, they need to be made perfect and artistic too to fulfill their true purpose in society.

Even though it has contributed to the cinema and museums so much in the country, still the main center of attraction of this city is the West Edmonton Mall. It is a very famous shopping point from people all around Canada. Even in the cold winters in Canada, at around -15 degrees, people are still coming from all around Canada to have the best that they always wanted.

There are also a lot of other places worth a mention in this city which you would love visiting.

Fort Edmonton Park

This is also another museum, which was constructed in an old building. The building was then reconstructed in an intention to present the architectural development of the country. Different buildings from the history were joined in this place making it the best one to spend some time and have a look at all the historical monuments.

There are different kinds of exhibitions in this museum, which may include geology and ecology projects.

Muttart Conservatory

This conservatory is the right place for a lot of plants from around the world. These are four pyramids, which are home to different species of plants from all around the world. They provide different environments from all around the world. From tropical rainforests to some deserts, all kinds of environments are available to display the different kinds and behaviors of the plants.

In the Edmonton city center, there is a gleaming view of different pyramids right above the water. If you are looking for a place to spend the whole evening and not get bored of the view no matter what, this would make the right spot for you.

Art Gallery of Alberta

As being the capital city of Alberta, the art gallery of Alberta is also present in this city. There are different kinds of physical pieces of art shown here which represent art from all around Canada, but the main focus of it is West Canada.

It exhibits more than 6000 art pieces, which have been placed in the perfect environment. All the art pieces are mostly only based on traveling and feature different kinds of changes. It has been maintaining these pieces of art for a long time and is now one of the main reasons why people are visiting this city.

K days

K days are not a place but in fact, are a festival which is held every year in the ending days of July. This is a 10 days festival, which is celebrated all around the city, and people from different cities come here to enjoy this. In these wild days, the 1890’s wildlife comes to life again, and people start partying and getting crazy once more.

The streets are high and different kinds of parades, gold panning live entertainment, dancing, and street parties are very famous in the K days.

If you are going to the city, then you might want to visit it these days to enjoy this festival and get crazy with the wind.

All the visitors who plan to come to this place in these days plan their vacations and also book their hotels, as it gets very hard in the last or the exact days to find a hotel and enjoy this event. But Edmonton Hotels help you 24/7 with best services.

Alberta Aviation Museum

As Edmonton is very famous for different kinds of museums, this museum is just another example of the art that they display. This aviation museum is a must see for all the people who have a thing for aviation and aircraft.

There are over 40 aircraft on the display where you can enjoy and spend the whole day learning more about them. This place is very easy to spot and is located near to the airport. Two airplanes have been highlighted close to this museum, which makes it very easy to spot.

TELUS World of Science

This place is the right one for the people who like all the knowledge at one place collected. They cover different kinds of topics and technologies and display them to the people who visit.

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