Black tea is fully fermented tea leaves. Drinking black tea regularly is basically harmless to people's health. Many people drink black tea almost "with their eyes closed". But I want to remind everyone that some people or under certain special circumstances are better not to drink black tea.

1. Stomach fever. Black tea is completely fermented tea, which is a kind of warmth itself, which can warm the stomach. Therefore, it is best not to add heat to the stomach.

2. People who are sensitive to nerves and are prone to insomnia. This type of person drinking black tea will stimulate nerve sensitivity and make insomnia worse.

3. Stones. People with stones are generally not allowed to drink black tea.

4. Bad breath, getting angry, etc. Black tea is warm, and those who get angry should not drink black tea.

5. Special periods for women, such as: menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Drinking black tea at this time will have some effects on the body.

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