As people all over the world move towards a more organic world, their preference for traditional treatments such as that of the Chinese variety increases. Also, patients nowadays have to worry about whether Big Pharma companies have their best interests in mind as the companies mass produce millions of drugs. The growing demand for traditional remedies, especially as complementary treatments to conditions such as cancer, has led to the prevalence of Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies.

The Evolution of Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinics

For the past few years, if you wanted to see a traditional Chinese medicine specialist, you would have to travel to places like China and Singapore to get your treatment. Unfortunately, the high travel cost prevented most people from seeking out these form of treatments. Similarly, patients were wary of traditional Chinese medicine clinics because they were reputed to be cons while others were famed for misdiagnosis. With an increasing demand for the treatments and with the existing limitations in mind, traditional Chinese medicine therapists came up with a way to deal with the existing problem: they started online Chinese Medicine clinics.

About Online Chinese Medicine Clinics

At the moment, there are not very many traditional Chinese medicine clinic available. The ones that exist are vastly different in the services they offer. This article will focus on two such clinics, the Sanlida Online Medical Clinic and the Clinic.

For both sites, a user would have to pay for the service, but that is to be expected. If a person met a traditional Chinese specialist anywhere for treatment, they would have to pay too, right?

For anyone who wants to use any of the two sites, the first step is to register for them. Registration makes payment and contact via email convenient. That is where the similarity ends. From there, an individual who is using would simply note his or her symptoms and their severity. After paying for the service, the site would use a software known as The Analyst to generate a report containing a list of possible diagnoses but no prescribed treatment per se. The site also offers a doctors' review to go with the report, but this is at an additional cost.

Using the Sanlida TCM Clinic Online is as just as easy. After you create an account, the site will allow you to list your symptoms. But unlike, Sanlida will allow you to do so as you would in a face-to-face meeting with a traditional Chinese specialist. Under the Sanlida’s Constitution List, you can let the site know whether you think your face is too pale or your tongue too white. You describe your condition as you see, hear and feel it. Next, you list where you think your problem is using the Symptom list option. Could be a blood disease, a cold, or something else. There’s also the option of writing a patient statement and uploading photos and videos along with your list.

The detailed information you submit after payment at this point is used by the site's doctors to write an equally comprehensive report. Sanlida’s software then analyzes this report to give you a thorough account of your condition, the reasons for the diagnosis and a treatment plan. The therapeutic treatment plan is a bonus because it comes with the service unlike with where you need to pay extra. Similarly, the therapy that a Sanlida doctor will offer you is individualized whereby will give generalized suggestions with no actual treatment.

Additionally, Sanlida offers its customers access to its doctors at all times. Any questions a user has about anything (even if you’re just curious about Chinese medicine) can be answered as you chat with a doctor via the site then via email. This communication ensures you get a comprehensive view of the treatment. Finally, Sanlida will assign each user their own doctor. This makes it easier for you to form a relationship with your doctor, who is then able to gauge your conditions faster in case they recur.

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