Due to Android software development, many new applications are created for devices to run Android operating system. Android apps are written by using several languages such as Java, Kotlin, and C++ languages. Other non-JVM languages are also written such as C+, C++, JavaScript or assembly using the JVM language code. Today, many reputed companies such as Wal-Mart, Amazon etc are trying to sell their products through mobile and hence they should develop software to promote their products. To create such software some advanced languages should be used. So, the mobile application development is undergoing rapid changes.

Today, Kotlin is a suitable language for developing Android applications. It is a modern language that is implemented for Android to commence any applications. This language is fully compatible with Android built system. Kotlin is a language that runs on Java virtual machine and is compiled to JavaScript code by using the LLVM compiler infrastructure. Kotlin is a language that can be learnt easily.

Android is all about solving problems and hence MVVM is one of the most user-friendly languages. It is one of the powerful languages that can be implemented amazingly. It is preferred today because it comprises of graphic user interface. It comprises of markup language and GUI code and is built with business logic or the back-end logic. It comprises of data objects that can be managed easily.
For developing Android, the developer should be aware of material design. To develop this software, different visual, motion and interaction design features should be used. To use material into Android, the developer should follow some guidelines and use different components and style that are available on online resources. The following features should be used to build material design applications.

A material design theme should be used to style and built all the UI widgets.
Different widgets should be used and viewed such as the lists and cards.

For creating custom shadows and animations, different APIs should be used. Dark material theme and light-material theme can be used. Some common UX pattern can be used such as FAB, and different features such as search, navigation, brand and other features are installed along with some application bars. Many other material components are used such as collapsing toolbars, bottom nav bar, tabs and other applications.

The Mobile Application Development Company undertakes the following works. They use different components, install different features and use various material themes and widgets to develop the software. Many android developing companies are established in India also. The Android application development company uses different features such as UX, FAB, Navigation bar, and other material components.

They often use elevation shadows and cards by considering different factors such as size of the shadow, drawing order, etc. They also use the widgets for viewing the pieces of information inside the cards.
They also install APIs for creating custom animations for creating tougher feedbacks in controls. Many app developers in Mumbai are developing mobile development services by using different features, design and interface.

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