Taxi Booking services is one of the desirable startup businesses preferred by entrepreneurs in 2021. Many entrepreneurs are looking to launch their business in the online taxi booking services domain.
This rise in demand for online taxi booking services app has inspired many website clone scripts & custom mobile app developers to built Uber clone scripts. In today’s market, there are many website clone scripts company has Uber clone script. If you are an entrepreneur looking to start your business, you can buy an Uber clone script from them and launch your business instantly.
Based on the features, price, and technology used, one of the best Uber clone scripts in the market is RebuStar. This app is the exact clone script of Uber and contains all the important features of an online taxi booking script available in it.
Some of the important features of RebuStar [Uber clone script] are given below,
Heat Map
It is the advanced feature in an online taxi booking app, It shows the areas with most activities showing in the Google map. The activities are showing in maps in various colors like red, and orange.
God’s View
The admin of the RebuStar can view any driver’s live location by using this feature. It shows the exact location of the car in the Google Map.
Carpooling / Share taxi
It lets the riders to share their rides with the other riders. It will reduce the taxi fare price, pollution, and toll fare.
Live Meter
Live Meter calculates the taxi fare by analyzing the total distance covered by the car.
Wallet Payment
Rider and the driver can load money to the app and they can pay this amount for driver and admin respectively.
There are many other Uber clone scripts also available in the market. You can use them as well. 
To know about the RebuStar more, you can submit your inquiries at or WhatsApp No +91 9222 47 9222
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