Nursery is the first step for kids to get introduced to the whole world, and education most importantly. A new environment, new friends, education, fun activities can be an overwhelming experience for kids, But similarly, it becomes a little difficult for the parent to introduce their child to a new environment where they don’t watch their child.

Every school claims itself the best and meets the expectations of all possible facility parents expect from the schools. Parents struggle during the admission process whether we talk about Delhi or Noida. Young parents want the best nursery school of Noida Extension.

How to identify if a nursery school is best for your kid?

A solid Reputation

Good word-of-mouth is the way many parents narrow down their search for an excellent nursery school. Hearing from trusted friends about their good experiences is a great way to start the process.

A warm & comforting environment

Visit the campus while school is in session so that you can see first-hand how the school operates. How do the teachers interact with the students? How do the students interact with the teachers, with each other? Do they enjoy and feel safe?

Passionate Teachers and Active Learning

Visit the school that you have shortlisted and keep an eye out for educators who speak kindly and respectfully with the teachers. Check if the school makes kids involved in lots of reading time, art and craft, music, dance, exploring the natural world, outdoor play as these is critically important.

Safety & Security

The best nursery schools have one thing in common, they prioritize kids' safety and security first. Check whether the school and its classrooms are equipped with CCTV, and if they have helping staff in each classroom, trained medical staff and a room, if their transport buses and school vans are GPS enabled.

Exceptional Facilities and Activities

Nursery kids are really fragile to handle and so it is very important that with a mix of fun learning activities and exceptional sports, the academic part can be balanced in a very nice way. This will help them to grow, explore, and learn physically, mentally and intellectually.

Now that you know how to identify the best nursery school in Noida Extension, it is the time to make the right choice and observe the happy development signs in the nurturing of your child. Hurry up! Enroll now!

Source: Pacific World School

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Pacific World School is the best CBSE affiliated school in Greater Noida West(Noida Extension), by Delhi Public School Indirapuram, which provides best Academics, Sports, Extra-Curricular activities, Life Skills and Soft Skills based on International Programs & Latest Technologies, under high security environment. Admissions open for Classes Nursery to 9th and 11th.