KSFO 560 AM is known to be a popular radio channel which is situated in San Francisco, California. It is a Cumulus Media-owned commercial talk radio channel which operates in 560 KHz frequency. Cumulus Radio manages two radio networks in the San Francisco Bay Area, i.e. 810 KGO and 560 KSFO.

The siblings of KSFO are KSAN, KNBR, KFOG, and KRCT. It operates with 5000w power. Its studios are situated in the San Francisco’s Soma District whereas its transmitter is installed at Amador Street near the San Francisco Bay.
KSFI 560 was initiated in 1925 as KTAB as per the founder’s reference: The 10th Avenue Baptist Church. They broadcasted its first telecast in Oakland, California. Later, it was sold to Wesley Dumm who then shifted the transmitter and city of license of the radio to San Francisco; he also flipped its name into KSFO which was representing the city name, San Francisco.

After that President Roosevelt convinced Dumm to initiate some shortwave radio stations before the Second World War, i.e. KWIX and KWID. All the three networks (KWIX, KWID, and KSFO) were placed in Islais Creek, where the transmitter of KSFO is still standing today. KSFO telecasted sports, comedy, music, news, and drama in its early years. Listen KSFO 560 AM San Francisco Live here.

In 1991 when KSFO was sold to The First Broadcasting Company, it changed its format into Talk Radio. They held the slogan “The Station for Right Thinking People” and focused mainly on conservative talk. The morning show was hosted by three presenters at the start of that format, i.e. Tom Benner, Melanie Morgan, and Lee Rodgers. In 2008 they dropped Melanie Morgan because of some budget issues then in 2010 they dropped Lee Rodgers as well. As a replacement, Brian Sussman took the control and hosted the morning show; he is hosting it still today. The morning show includes interviews and news.

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