Social media become popular in a very short while, 90% of total world population is started using various social media platforms. Initially they were using these platforms for communicating with people from different geographical area. Before discussing further just take a look over statistics. Facebook is the most popular social media platform with active user's approx. 2 billion. There are many social media platforms too where the number of active users are in millions like Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest etc.

Facebook is the best platform for business promotions too. Let's discuss about various features you can use on Facebook page. You can add functionality like feeling happy, intelligent, awesome etc with your post. The menu bar contains home, store, about, option, location, official website etc. among all the features, discuss the store option. You can upload pictures of your products and services because people love to see images, videos more than text.

Various marketing strategies you can use in facebook for your brand/business promotion, Let us discuss with you. Facebook gives an opportunity for marketing your products/services among its users which gives chance to advertise your business website based on age, geography, interest, gender, etc. you can also use filters to advertise products/services according to your budget.

Now The Question Is, Which is The Best Marketing Platform - Facebook or Google?
Google is also considered to be the biggest market, most popular search engine and provides various online marketing platforms. It shows advertisements during searches as well as advertises its products on its affiliates websites.

Google let you run different sorts of ads which is knows as Google AdWords where you can easily run your ad and market your business among huge audience. Google AdWords are very easy to understand to run ads where keyword planner is also available to give best suggestions of popular keywords which will be helpful to target your audience on internet. If anyone who is already familiar with Google AdWords can effectively run a good Ad on Google for best result.

Now there are both abilities along with qualifications to choose between the two. Running ads on Facebook is not so difficult task. To sell products like apparel, home appliances, footwear, etc. then this is really a good platform for you.

If your budget is very high then Google AdWords is the great place to advertise your products.To advertises your products on first page of searches you need to bid and have to pay for each click. In terms of advertisement in a demographic form, Googles gives more flexibility.

Now, after reading the above discussion we can guess that which will be the great platform for you to advertise your products/services according to your budget. If you have high budget then opt Google as your marketing platform otherwise Facebook is good for you because it costs very low for each click. You don't have to pay a huge amount to run ads on FB.

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