When you notice your tooth is decaying or infected, the first question which pops in your mind is:- 

“Should I Pull It Out Or Should I Look To Save It?”

At first, pulling it out may appear the easier choice, more so if you are in terrible pain. But this may not be the best choice for your dental condition- simply as there are so many perks of keeping your natural teeth intact.

This post throws light on this discussion, so follow closely!



Pull It Out Or Preserve It:- A Deeper Discussion!

According to a notable Angle park Dentist:- pulling out your natural teeth is never a good choice. 

  • Your natural teeth are stronger and work better than those artificial dental implants. This is regardless of how good fabricated teeth are nowadays. Plus, they are easier to care.
  • Pulling out your natural teeth creates a gap in your smile. It also causes the nearby teeth to shift and in-time causes issues in bite alignment and chewing. Furthermore, this can also cause pain and poor nutrition.
  • When you pull out your teeth, the roots supporting the jaw also gets pulled along with it. With gaps present in the surrounding bone, the rest collapses. This will make you look older than you are, and that is never a good sign.
  • It also prevents a condition commonly known as ‘dry socket’- which is experiencing several days of pain after pulling out their teeth. 
  • When you pull out your teeth; you have to go for a crown, implant, bridge or other dental treatment to prevent the issue of teeth shifting. And this can lead to more dental visits, more expenses and more pain.
  • Lastly, replacing your pulled out teeth can prove more expensive and costly you more time. Many have a false notion that pulling your teeth is relatively less expensive, but truth is- it is the complete opposite.

So, The Bottom Line Is Pulling Out Your Natural Teeth Is Never a Wise Choice. 

How To Save Your Decayed Or Infected Tooth?

If your natural tooth has decayed or gotten infected, then it is a challenge to save it. Fortunately; you can always consult with a qualified and experienced dentist serving in Adelaide and opt for a root canal treatment.

This treatment involves cleaning the inflamed, infected or decayed part of the tooth from the inside. Once that is done properly, the dentist will fill the natural teeth using a restorative and strengthening substance along with a crown. That will help the repaired tooth function as well as the rest of them.

Root canal treatment is a popular mode of saving your decayed natural tooth. They are cost-effective, and when properly done, can eliminate the pain in very quick time.

Ending Statement:

So, now that it is established why you should not pull out your natural teeth and how you can save them from further damage, schedule an appointment with a reputed dentist serving in your area. 

It will help you get back your beautiful smile without any pain or discomfort.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a notable dentist in Adelaide and runs a dental studio offering a wide range of treatments. The author also rates as a quality dentist for the Angle park region.