If someone want to be single forever, what do you think about it? With the development of all kinds of institutions , many people are looking for single forever, they are fine by themselves. They don't need a husband or wife, they don't need anybody to make them OK. Bisexual people love women and men, but there are still many single bisexual people online.

For Single Friends: They needn't to work hard for families, they can do what they want to do, even sleep until ten o'clock in the morning , there is no one complain with you, you can out home and drink with friends all night, you can have a date with many single people. But don't you want a baby? When you are alone at home, did you feel lonely, do you want to find a true people this moment?

For Married Friends: Did you ever envy single people when your house is dirty and messy by your children? Did you ever miss the single life? But when you get home from work, open the door, your children are playing game happily, your partner is busy doing housework, i think that you are happiness right now! You can share your trouble and happy with your families, you can do many things with your families.

Which one is your state? Single or Married, no matter what kinds of your state, you can be yourself. Single women looking for couples, bisexual couples looking for single female.http://www.singlebidating.com/ is a bisexual dating site for bisexual singles and couples.

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