Treadmill and cross trainer are the gym types of equipment to support weight loss by burning excess calories. Cross trainer or elliptical trainer is one of the popular gym training types of equipment worldwide. Its versatility, variant features, and ease of use make the elliptical trainer the favorite device for beginners and advanced users equally.

Most of the persons trying to lose weight healthily might have tried both treadmill and elliptical trainer. A majority of them prefer the elliptical trainer to the treadmill because it supports weight loss with lesser stress on the knees. Let us have a glance at the features of both the devices to get a clear picture before choosing one to support your goal of cutting down excess calories.

An elliptical trainer or cross-trainer

The elliptical trainer is the most popular device for workouts in gyms because of its versatile design. Most of the aspirants shun running due to the higher risk of joint pains. They like to work out on an elliptical trainer since this is static equipment. However, the results vary based on your weight and cardio potential.

Whenever you want to go for a cross trainer, you should have a clear idea about the following points.

• Your weight
• The time you spend on workouts
• Your cardiovascular potential
• The intensity or resistance level you choose to work out with the machine
• Whether you use armrest or not

Important advantages of opting for an elliptical trainer are, it assures higher cardio potential and lesser risk of joint pains and lesser pressure on the knees during work out.


One needs to choose the model of treadmill based on their weight and body mass index for better and faster results. Treadmills provide the momentum similar to running and help to burn calories by enhancing your cardio potential faster when compared to any other equipment. This is considered the best tool for walking, incline training, and running, and a set of other kinds of workouts. A treadmill provides the best indoor fitness training for people with the potential to work out on it with optimal speed. Proper running posture is the important point you need to keep in mind for a better experience and preventing knee and joint issues.

Here are the factors you need to keep in mind to opt for a treadmill

• Your actual weight and cardiovascular fitness
• The treadmill speed you set for the workout
• The work out time
• Incline height adjustment

Actual statistics state that a treadmill is better equipment for weight loss. Many studies revealed a striking point that treadmills dominate elliptical trainers in calorie reduction per hour. Though the difference is nominal, both the devices support the aspirants to achieve the goal of burning calories and improve their cardiovascular fitness in the comfort of their homes. Check latest treadmill updates here:

Bottom line

Choosing one among treadmills and elliptical trainers is a tough task since both have their own sets of benefits. The treadmill will become the first choice for many because it provides constant weight reduction when compared to its counterpart and running provides a better platform to achieve weight loss faster.

But, elliptical trainers are the favorite for beginners since they provide almost similar results to that of treadmills along with the lesser risk of joint pains. Experts suggest the use of both types of equipment for sustainable weight loss.

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