Elden Ring is now available and it's a masterpiece. It successfully blends an open world with the challenge and taught combat of Dark Souls. You may be curious about which platform you can play the game on if you don't yet own it.
This is because From Software's latest game has been the subject of many reports and in-depth analyses. Rory Mellon, our own tester, took a few tests. For the best Elden Ring experience, you will need to read the following.

Elden Ring for PS5

Sony's flagship console features a "prioritize frames rate" and "prioritize high quality" mode, both of which run at an unlocked framerate.

Elden Ring is set to run at 4K resolution in quality mode. However, this seems to be quite demanding for the console according to Digital Foundry's testing. It offers between 30-60 frames per second but sometimes drops to 20 fps. The PS5's frame pacing can sometimes be unsteady, which could make the experience a bit erratic. You might be better off using the performance mode.

Except for shadow rendering, there isn't much difference in the visuals of performance and quality modes.

Elden Ring's prioritize frame rate mode offers a minimum resolution setting of 2,688x 1,512 and a maximum resolution setting of full 4K. However, the PS5 still delivers smooth 60 frames per second. The frame rate drops are smaller and more consistent in the 50 FPS range. The frame rate mode is better than the quality.

The PS5's loading times are where it shines. It takes an average of 7 seconds for the game to load after players die. This is an excellent feature for the PS5 as Elden Ring has a lot to offer in terms of death rates.

Elden Ring for Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X offers the same performance options as the PS5 and has the same parameters. However, the Xbox Series X is generally faster than the PS5. It has a 10fps advantage when exploring the Lands Between by foot.

Elden Ring can be given stability by the system-level support of a variable refresh rate (VRR). For 120Hz refresh rate TVs like the LG C1OLED, you can use VRR to set the display to refresh at 60 Hz to smoothen any frame rate drops.

Unfortunately, the Series X is slow when it comes down to loading times. The Xbox Series X took approximately 19 seconds to load the main menu and 12 seconds to get into the game after death.

This loading time is not as long as some open-world console games. It's still long enough to frustrate gamers who are used to fast loading times for other games.

Elden Ring for Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S, which is less powerful than the Xbox 360 S, is not designed to deliver 4K Elden Ring action. However, its quality mode is set at 2,560x1,440 and delivers 30 frames per second.

Switch to frame rate mode to enable dynamic resolution. Elden Ring's dimensions go from 1,792x1,008 to 2,560x1,440. The frame rate will jump to the high 40 fps. Digital Foundry pointed out that this mode is inconsistent, but it is likely to be more beneficial for gaming than for quality.

The Series S graphics tend to be more durable than the PS5 or Xbox Series X. The visual presentation is not as sharp as the more powerful machines.

The loading times for the Xbox Series X are similar, with Digital Foundry taking 17 seconds to load.

Elden Ring for PC

We suggest that you steer clear of Elden Ring for the PC at the moment. Elden Ring, even if your PC is one of our top picks for gaming PCs, currently locks at 60 fps. This means that you might not be able to bring the full power of an Nvidia GeForce RTX3080 to bear, even if it is one of our favorites.

It's not the best platform for us, especially when you consider the issues Elden Ring has on the PC. Although issues appear to still exist, From Software released a day-one patch and stated that it would continue to improve the game on PC.

Elden Ring's PC performance is still poor, with frame rate issues and stuttering being reported. We recommend waiting for updates or playing on the console.

Bottom line: Play Elden Ring with PS5

Based on our findings and those of Digital Foundry, we recommend the PS5 to play Elden Ring. The console is quite heavy and may require you to search the PS5 restocks for one. The critically-acclaimed Elden Ring game is well worth the PS5 effort.

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