Drink Pu-erh Tea can reduce fat and blood pressure, lose weight and slimming, diuretic and hangover, improve eyesight and clear heart, prevent radiation and cancer, and other functions and benefits. According to different appearances, Pu-erh Tea is divided into cake tea and Tuo tea. There are several kinds of square tea and brick tea. According to the previous analysis, the first and second levels are loose tea, the third and fourth levels are Tuo tea, the seven and eight levels are cake tea, and the ninety levels are brick tea. However, the shape of the current Pu-erh tea has nothing to do with its quality. By the way, bricks, cakes, Tuo, loose tea, etc. all have raw material bumps.
So which is better, Pu-erh loose tea and cake tea?

Last time, some tea friends asked this question. This time, your brother decided to come out to solve your doubts and communicate with you by the way.

Pu-erh tea's more mature and more fragrant mainly depends on the three changes of automatic tea oxidation, enzymatic oxidation of polyphenols, and microbial transformation. During this process, it is mainly affected by factors such as moisture, temperature, oxygen, and light.

The shape of Pu-erh tea is divided into loose tea and tight tea, old and new, green tea and cooked tea; fermented tea has light fermentation, moderate fermentation, heavy fermentation, etc., and the tea properties are different.

Each Pu-erh tea has its own unique personality. These distinctions make Pu-erh tea different in price, taste and efficacy.

Pu-erh cooked tea lies in the key technology of fermenting. Too much water, poor air permeability in the pile, easy to lack oxygen, a large amount of microbial anaerobic bacteria, tea quality is affected, new tea and new drink can be made without pressing into cakes, loose tea is better.
Let us first talk about the difference between the two:

Loose tea:

Pu-erh tea still maintains its original loose leaf shape, which is not squeezed by gravity or pressed into a special shape, which is loose tea. The scattered Pu-erh tea is helpful for getting acquainted with Pu-erh and carefully observing the shape and color of the leaves, so that you can easily touch the leaves and feel the feel of Pu-erh tea.
Tea cake:

Pu-erh tea is pressed by gravity into certain shapes such as round cakes, different sizes of Tuo, square tea, brick tea and so on. The tea leaves that have been pressed for a long time have better natural post-fermentation conditions which make them have a better taste and are conducive to collection.

Pu-erh tea is stored and transformed in the later period. The taste will be better after a period of transformation, especially for raw tea.

Between the two, from this perspective, generally speaking, Pu-erh tea is better than cake tea.
The reasons are also:

Judging from the year of the tea, the new tea has a fresh taste. If it is directly autoclaved, the white tea cake will have a dull green flavor. The Pu-erh tea, which has been aged for a few years, has a relatively stable tea property, a very pleasant tea taste, and a layered taste.

Pressed tea cake After being autoclaved, the tea body is firmer than loose tea. Although its air permeability is not as good as loose tea, it occupies a small storage space for tea, which is conducive to mass storage in a small space and reduces the cost of tea.

As a ration tea, whether it is cake tea or loose tea, you may not feel much difference in taste. But from the perspective of evaluation, there is a certain difference in taste.

As mentioned above, loose tea and cake tea have their own merits, tea friends should choose their own tea according to their personal circumstances when choosing tea to drink.

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