IOSH courses are ideal for employees and managers looking to improve their knowledge, understanding, and practical application of health and safety procedures and principles. As such, IOSH courses provide practical health and safety training that can be effectively applied in the workplace.

There are a number of courses available, and it is important to choose the type of IOSH course carefully, since the decision will depend on what level you are working or managing at, and the scope of training needed. For example, when looking for IOSH training Lancashire businesses usually have a choice between the IOSH Managing Safely course and the IOSH Working Safely course, as well as the IOSH Leading Safely training.

Who is Suitable for an IOSH Course?

Individuals or businesses can train with IOSH in health and safety. These courses will be applicable to all kinds of industries, and not just industries where there are obvious health and safety hazards. Individuals will receive a good grounding in health and safety when they undertake their chosen course.

Which IOSH Courses are Available?

The first option is the IOSH Managing Safely training course. This is a course specifically designed to be taken by managers, supervisors, and team leaders. It is useful for anyone who has to manage people in the workplace. It is at a more advanced level that other IOSH courses. This course is usually taken over a number of days, and it is delivered in an engaging and interactive way so that the principles will be taken in and delegates will be able to apply their training practically in the workplace. 

This course is ideal for anyone who needs to take responsibility for others in the workplace. It ensures that managers are confident in being able to assess and manage risk and hazards. It provides guidelines and structures for assessing risk and reporting incidents. The course is designed to give managers the tools they need to help make their workplaces safer and more efficient. It teaches awareness of health and safety and provides knowledge that can be shared between the team.

Managers have a responsibility to keep the working environment safe and their employees safe. The IOSH Managing Safely course helps make the workplace safer.

The IOSH Working Safely course is designed for anyone interested in improving their health and safety knowledge and being able to apply it in a practical way in the workplace. It usually lasts for a day. The course provides a basic, entry-level training so that staff working at any level can attend and benefit. The training provides the knowledge and capabilities for identifying risk and for being able to work in a safer way.

The IOSH Leading Safely training course is a higher-level course that is for people who make strategic decisions in the workplace. As it is designed for executives and higher-level staff, it enables leaders to be confident in their decision making as it relates to the safety and health of their staff and the overall productivity of the business.

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