I just want to be the first to tell you that almost every facial moisturizers you can find department stores and cosmetics center shelf is not worth the money that you pay for them. In fact, most of the face cream can find ingredients that are harmful to your health.

Have you noticed that facial moisturizers that you were using did not really do a good job in treating skin? This happens most of the people there - and this is because the products they use ingredients that do not work well with your skin. Some compounds are simply incompatible.

Take a face cream that you are currently using the label. Is it a mention, but then, that the product contains or petrolatum or mineral oil? These are the two most commonly used ingredients inferior products, such as to make the most of the largest cosmetics chains pose, and they are also the worst when it comes to solving their problems of dry skin.

This is a little known fact that facial moisturizers containing two oil-based ingredients is actually likely to worsen your dry skin problem rather than help it. These ingredients do not penetrate the skin, so they are just on the surface layer, which fills the pores, and signals to your body, so that the oil wealth.

Soon you skin will produce both oil and your skin will dry out. The ingredients in your face cream as well as hinder your skin's natural exfoliation process, which prevents the skin to regenerate. All around them are two ingredients that you would not want your skin care products. There are lots of better ingredients when it comes to moisturize the skin.

Facial moisturizers should eventually contain only plant-based oils and waxes, as these materials have properties that more closely resemble our skin's natural oil. This makes these types of moisture to penetrate deeply and effectively moisturize more. Many of these oils are also essential fatty acids that are vital to your skin.

The best face cream in various types of oil such as grape seed, avocado and Macadamia oil. It is also very good for your skin Maracuja passion fruit extract, babassu, and wax. These types of ingredients will leave your skin a healthy glow and a soft feel that other ingredients, just can not give you.

If you choose wisely and buy only the facial moisturizers that contain these and all-natural ingredients, then you're going to get the type of results that other products you promised, but could not provide. The use of these types of products will not only help your skin become healthier, but they can also help you protect your health in general.

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