The call center industry is very big and there are many types of solutions used to keep the operations ongoing in the call centers. The call center software is one of the most important solutions in the call center industry. There are many types of call center solutions available in the market. The VICIDial is one of the most popular call center software in the industry. The major reason behind the popularity of VICIDial: call center solution is that it is an open source solution and that is why it is available for free. The professional VICIDial customization services are used by the many call centers to increase the functional value and capacity of this open source call center solution. One of the most popular VICIDial customization services used by 7 out of 10 call centers is integration of VICIDial: call center solution to the CRM system to leverage many benefits. In this article, I will share top 4 types of CRM systems generally get integrated with this open source call center software.

VICIDial vTiger Integration

The vTiger is one of the most popular open source CRM systems. It is in use by many call centers. A majority of call centers in India uses vTiger as their CRM solution. The VICIDial customization service for VICIDial vTiger Integration is very popular to connect both of these systems to use via a single sign on.

VICIDial Zoho Integration

Zoho is a gigantic CRM system. It has all feature of the standard customer relationship management systems as well as it is furnished with many other applications such as, Word Processor, note-taking, presentations, excel, so on and so forth. This CRM system is in use by many large scaled call centers and BPOs. Thus, VICIDial Zoho Integration is in the list of the CRMs which can be integrated with the VICIDial.

VICIDial SuiteCRM Integration

SuiteCRM is a popular open source CRM solution like a vTiger: CRM system. This is a perfect CRM system for any small, medium and large scaled organizations. In fact, it is used in many companies which run in-house call center department to run campaigns related to telemarketing and customer care. Thus, VICIDial SuiteCRM integration is one of the popular call center CRM integration services used by the companies.

VICIDial Custom CRM Integration

The call center CRM integration and VICIDial customization experts provide the integration of VICIDial: Open source call center software with any proprietary aka third party call center solution. If you can have the API (Application Program Interface) of your custom CRM software, then the experts will perform the VICIDial customer CRM integration for you.


VICIDial is a powerful call center solution and as it is an open source system, the call centers have access to the code of the VICIDial solution. Thus, the service providers or the VICIDial experts can integrate any CRM software with the VICIDial: open source call center solution with the API integration. The integration of the VICIDial and CRM solution helps in many benefits such as, increased customer satisfaction, agent productivity, ROI and more.

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Mehul Shah works in team of VICIDial experts that offers VICIDial Zoho integration, VICIDial SuiteCRM integration, VICIDial vTiger integration and other VICIDial customization services.