Tea is known to be one of the world’s most famous beverages; it is so important that people’s breakfast does not complete without it. Tea refreshes your mind and gives you a proper kickstart, and it has a tiny amount of nicotine in it. We assembled here a ranking of countries that consume most tea.

Turkey Consumes the Most Tea

According to the data collected in 2016, Turkey is declared as most tea drinking nation in the world; around 6.96 pounds per capita tea consumes every year by the country. They start their morning with a cup of tea and then throughout the day they take several cups to keep themselves active. So, in short during morning to bedtime, Turks take tea for several times.

In the past, they used to drink a large amount of coffee, but after the economic crisis that hit upon them in 1977, its trade was stopped. As the nation itself produces a large amount of coffee; therefore it helped in balancing the economy. Hence, they found a substitute for coffee and switched towards tea instantly; now they are the most tea consuming peoples in the world.

Ireland- The Tea Loving Nation

After Turkey, Ireland consumes the most tea. Though the amount that Turks consume is greater than Irish, still Ireland consumes 4.83 pounds per capita annually. Thus they acquired the second spot among nations that consume most tea in the world. In Ireland, about 5 to 6 cups are taken by an average person. If you ever visit them, you will surely notice that they will present you a cup of tea and right after finishing the one you will be offered a second.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom gets the third place on the list; surely it is one of the tea-loving nations. Every year 4.24 pounds are spent by each person in the UK. British people are known to drink it on every occasion and event.

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