Many people who are trying to get a new business rolling, struggle with what needs to get done first. Some will say that establishing branding is the most important step, with the name and tagline all flushed out. Others will lean towards figuring out the content. I hear this question a lot from clients who are getting started and I can tell you that the experts don’t necessarily agree.

To be honest, the answer depends on whom you ask. If you ask the branding experts, they will be up in arms if you don’t nail down the name, feeling that branding should be the first order of business. But if you ask me, I am more of a content gal and feel that it’s better to know what you are offering and get that all worked out as your first priority. In my practice over the years, I find too many people get into perfection paralysis around their business name, their tagline, their website, and so on.

I’d rather see you get started now, rather than wait for the perfect branding. As an example, my company started out as Self-Employed Success, then it moved on to The Ideal LIfe and next was Rainmaker Coach . That lead me to where I am now. The branding has evolved as my business and material has evolved, becoming more encompassing of everything I offer.

If you can come up with something that’s good for now, that is what I’d go with. Just know that it will evolve along with your whole marketing message over time. And that is totally acceptable and to be expected. Focus on coming up with your proprietary system and your content, which is how you will be earning your money.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe branding is important, just not at the expense of holding off on getting started. Spend some time with your branding, but after a while, decide on something and start using it. The more you work with your new business format and model, the more evident the name will be. And it will likely change and grow over time as the work does.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Have you allowed branding perfectionism to keep you from getting started with your business? Here’s my suggestion if this has happened to you. Work on your branding to come up with one to three names that you like.

Next, talk to people about them to help you narrow them down. Pay attention to see if there are any patterns in the feedback. Sometimes you can get as many opinions as the people you ask, which might not be that helpful. Other times a favorite name will emerge.

Either way, don’t let too much time slip by before you select a name that works for now. Then get started building your business. Being of service is what it’s all about and you can’t do that if your progress is hindered by worrying about your branding.

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