There are many people who are telling their agents ‘Sell my House’ as soon as possible at the highest price possible. They are willing to sell their prized possession for many reasons like the house is too small for their increased family members, the distance of their house is too far from their relatives or friend’s house or the most common reason is that they are moving to another city due to a job change. Due to all these reasons, there will be huge number of properties which will be available for choosing your dream home. According to a research report, there are buyers who hunt their type of properties in different ways using varied mediums. Maximum number of buyers are those who want a reselling house than buying a new one. Those who are willing to buy a new house are actually doing it to avoid renovation hassles and charges in an old construction. However the houses in resale get better prices from buyer’s point of view.

To reach to your destination home, which medium is being chosen also plays a big role. Mostly the path followed is through internet searching for the house on sale. Rest of them directly interacts with a real estate agent for their requirements. Usefulness of the information is provided to the buyers is given more aptly online than given by an agent. For the reason that the photos and details of the property and surroundings are at par online than mere a conversation with a person. However those who are not searching online tend to take less time in decision making as they are given limited options and visits to the prospective houses for sale.

The probability of an agent suggesting the options for sale to a buyer is very high for those property owners who are in urgent need and chanting the phrase ‘ sell my house’ since many days. In case of online searching there are a huge number of options, without the requirements of interviewing, appointments and special visits to all locations you are interested in. It takes time to decide on this platform as people take time as per their convenience and there is no push from the realtor or builder. The one question which still remains unanswered is how to trust a new person as your ideal real estate agent. This trust factor makes the buyers prefer an agent who is coming from a reference of a relative, neighbor or a friend.

According to one of the studies done by NAR only seven out of ten buyers interview only one realtor for finding their new home. The percentage of buyers contacting the agents suggested by their loved ones is as high as 89%. The average age of a home seller is approximately 55 years with an average income of $103,300. If they go directly to the buyer to sell their properties, the turnaround time will be much less than compared going through a broker. However, the price at which the seller directly approaches the buyer will be around 75% less than through a broker. This is a huge margin so these type of deals are closed in almost in no turnaround time.

The homeownership in the United States by the residents as stated by Wikipedia, has decreased to 64.2% over the years since 1994. More and more FDI in USA is pouring in especially in South Florida. This region has become the hub and a separate zone for real estate dealers. According to CBRE report, Florida has become the Global Capital not just in commercial but residential sector as well. The residential property sales by offshore investors increased by 78% from 2016 to 2017. These figures tell that this is perfect right time for the people who are thinking Sell my House or Show me a house. This data is enough to change your mind no matter in which part of world you are living at present. Take your decision now before the prices soar too high that they jump your budget for owning a house.

There are array of licensed realtors present in this zone who can help you get to the dream place you always wanted to buy. They have all the options of staying in a society, in an independent house with lush green surroundings, a holiday home or a beach front relaxing villa. Be a wise investor by matching your requirements with the right property. There are some referral links if you want to take a look right now.

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