Are you one of those who is changing his/her job more frequently? Or Do you dream of success in your career? Or confused as to which career path you should take?

You are at the right place because here, we’ll shed light on the suitable career options according to your numerology life path number. You can get a numerological analysis done on Astroyogi’s best numerology app.

According to numerology, if your career is compatible with your life path number, then you will be successful in whatever you choose. However, if you choose a career that is not compatible with your life path number, you might likely not achieve as much success as you would get in a numerologically guided career. Numerology can be your guiding source for that.

Here are some of the careers that are compatible with your life path number.

But, before delving into more details, learn how a life path number is calculated. You have to add all the numbers of your full date of birth. E.g., January 7, 1995, is your date of birth. So, add 1 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 5 = 32. Further, add 3 + 2 = 5. Hence, the number 5 is your life path number. You have to keep adding all the numbers until you get one number.

Note: If you get the numbers 11, 22, and 33, then there's no need to add the number to a single digit as these are master numbers in numerology, which have greater unique qualities.

So, now that you have an idea about your life path number, here are the careers right for you according to your number.

Life Path 1: These folks have strengths like leadership skills, innovative ideas, self-motivation, and independence. Their courageous and fearless spirits allow them to think outside the box and find creative solutions. You desire a career that will enable you to set new trends.

Ideal careers:
Political Leader
Business owners

Life Path 2: Natives with this number are creative, smart, thoughtful, charming, soft-spoken, and peace-loving. They thrive on being of service and help to others around them.

Ideal careers:
Life coach
Child care

Life Path 3: Those born with number 3 as their life path are creative, enthusiastic, joyous, friendly, charming, and inventive individuals. They have innate abilities to express themselves and entertain others.

Ideal careers:
Singers/Music composers
Comedians/Performing artists
Public Speakers
Graphic designer

Life Path 4: People born with life path number 4 are multi-talented, intellectual, hard-working, and critical thinkers. These natives are all about stability, structure, routine, and order.

Ideal careers:

Life Path 5: These natives are smart workers who love freedom and individuality. They prefer to carve their niche and do not follow current trends. They are also multi-talented individuals and achieve success in various fields.

Ideal careers:
Music Composer
Travel agent
Public speaker

Life Path 6: People with life path number 6 are compassionate, peace-loving, responsible, and respected individuals. Not money but the feeling to bring a difference to the world is what they strive for.

Ideal careers:
Creative artist
Fashion designer
Food-related business
Customer service

Life Path 7: These natives possess an air of spirituality, deep thoughts, introversion, seriousness, and hard work. Great observing power, thinking and analysing abilities are their strengths.

Ideal careers:
Spiritual Healer
Profession related to occult sciences

Life Path 8: These people need organisation and financial success. Of all other numbers, people with 8s are most likely to seek financial and material abundance. Ambitious, focused, and dedicated are what describe these natives.

Ideal career:
Fund Managers
Legal services
Real Estate
Online content creator

Life Path 9: People with the number 9 life path are deeply compassionate and encourage kindness, and sacrifice. They are humanitarians as well as warriors at the same time.

Ideal careers:
Social Worker
Healing Practitioner/Yogi

Careers for Master Numbers 11, 22, 33: These three life path numbers are master numbers and are deeply spiritual. However, the numbers 11, 22, and 33 also resonate with Life Path numbers 2, 4, and 6. Either one can go for professions related to a spiritual guru, spiritual healing, medicos, etc. or choose a career according to their single-digit counterparts.

Many other factors can influence your career based on different aspects of numerology. Connecting with your life path number can greatly increase the chances of finding the right career option and fulfill you on a deep spiritual level.

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