Well, any place with bad roads, traffic jams and car robberies can be the worst place to drive and keep your vehicle. England has many such places to name but Bristol tops the ladder and is tagged as the riskiest place for drivers in England. According to an independent survey, it was discovered that there are plenty of incidences of car accidents and road rage in Bristol. It was also found that there were a lot of vehicle crimes along with poor quality main roads in Bristol.

As per a report in September 2015, deaths due to air pollution are three times more than those due to accidents in Bristol. There is an excess amount of nitrogen dioxide in the air and so, people of Bristol suffer from breathing sickness, heart problems and health issues caused by dirty air and vehicle exhaust emissions. This calls for a serious thought from the governing authorities, which should take adequate measures to reduce air pollution in Bristol.

In addition to this, the bad roads and heavy traffic creates road rage as admitted by 51% of the motorists. They agreed that, at times, they feel furious while driving on the roads of Bristol. The poor conditions of the roads increase the chances of mechanical failure in the vehicle which leads to frequent repairs and thus an increase in the car insurance premiums.

For all these reasons and more, Bristol is considered as the riskiest place to drive in the UK. Apart from Bristol, there are few more places that are considered risky for drivers in the UK.

The worst places to be a driver in the UK:

Bristol: Well, topping the charts is Bristol with 296 incidents of vehicle crime in August 2016. This way, the place is not safe to drive and is also prone to heavy air pollution along with poor road conditions.

London: The capital city of England comes closest to the riskiest city by recording 9,182 accidents in the year 2015.

Birmingham: following England closely and second in terms of the number of accidents. It recorded 2,732 accidents in the year 2015 and hence touted as a risky place for drivers.

Southampton: Poor road condition brings this city in the list of worst places to drive. 10% of the roads in this city demand maintenance and so, drivers feel tired and frustrated when driving around Southampton.

Lincoln: Lincoln has recorded the highest number of road rages incidents in England and is considered as the one of the worst places to drive in England.

Now, you know the worst places to drive in the UK, please be careful when driving around these areas. To avoid any bigger losses, you should opt for comprehensive car insurance and be regular with your vehicle maintenance appointments.

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