eCommerce industry is growing because of the ease of shopping and flexible offers. The eCommerce portals and mCommerce apps are explored by millions of users daily to buy one or another thing. On the other hand, competition is also increasing day by day. The customers have more choices these days. Thus, it is important to focus on customer care more in an eCommerce industry. To take care of customers a business can be empowered with skilled staff and top technological tools. In this article, I will share the top 3 must have tools for any eCommerce business.

1. Live chat software

The eCommerce business is one of those businesses which handle hundreds of chat conversations daily. People like exploring more information about the products they are willing to purchase or get resolutions related to the products they have already purchased. The live chat solution comes with some great features which can be used by the eCommerce industry to make sure the communication can be fastest possible and of course with the highest possible professionalism.

2. Call Center Solution

Without a doubt, it is on the first rank in the list of must have tools for eCommerce business. The call center solution with inbound and outbound calling campaign capacity is necessary for any eCommerce business even if it is a small scaled eCommerce organization. In eCommerce segment, customers and potential buyers would like to talk to the customer care staff in order to get answers to their queries or make choices. Thus, it is important to have a stable and feature rich call center solution. This helps in taking care of customer queries with ease. The call center software can also be used to run some sales campaign to increase sales. The eCommerce business can give special discounts or coupon codes to regular buyers to increase new sales. They can also run campaigns for cross selling and up-selling of the products to the existing customers so the new business can be brought in and new items can be sold.

3. CRM system

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is also one of the must have solutions in eCommerce industry. Many eCommerce business owners get the call center solution and live chat software, but they don’t get the CRM system. However, the fact is the CRM system is really important. The CRM solution helps in keeping clear records of the customers and provides them tailored responses. The CRM solution also helps in providing insightful information about the customers, market, product wise sales and much other useful information. This information can be used to channelize the marketing campaigns. Also, the insights in the CRM system can help in making some really important decisions related to purchasing, sales, and many more stuff.

Concluding Notes

In eCommerce business, it is really important that you make a customer or a buyer feel special. This can be possible by giving personalized answers to the queries of them as well as providing the offers which they just can’t deny or resist. Also, the responses should be quick to keep the customer happy in the eCommerce industry. Thus, if you are an eCommerce business owner, you have to invest in the mentioned top 3 solutions to increase the business exponentially.

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David works in a company that offers call center solution, IP PBX, call center CRM integration, VICIDial solution and related services.