KLAN FM is known to be a private radio channel of Albania. Its transmission reaches up to the entire region. It operated on a frequency of 92.9 MHz and was launched on Oct 25, 1997. The radio is a part of TV Klan network TV Klan network. Around 32.5 percent of the Albanian population listen to this channel. Its headquarter is situated in Tirana. The catchphrase which KLAN TV uses is Eshte Klani Juai which means It’s your Klan. It is actually a whole media group including 92.9 FM, TV channel, ABC News Albania, Klan Kovosa, and KLAN Macedonia. The entire media group airs its transmission in the Albanian Language.

KLAN Radio broadcasts KLAN TV shows and music. The TV telecasts several shows, weather reports, news, sports, social events, debates, showbiz News, interviews, etc. It airs all its transmission according to the choice of its audience. It keeps updating its followers about everything. It transmits all its shows according to the taste of its viewers. You will find many fans on its social media page.

Klan FM broadcasts a show called Opinion which is presented by the Blendi Fevziu from every Mon to Thurs. It is a political program which includes debates, interviews, and analysis of several political parties. The show’s host invites different members of opposite parties, ask them different questions and make them answer to the people of the country. Listen KLAN FM 92.9 Live Streaming here.

It also airs a show called “Stop” which is presented by Genian Zenelaj and Simir Kodra from Mon to Fri. This program This program lets people know about the problems of needy people; both their economic and social issues. Plus, it suggests different ideas to resolve those issues and problems.

A show named Rudina airs every Monday to Saturday by a host Rudina. It is known to be an entertainment program. Another show is Albanian Sunday which is hosted by Ardit Gjebrea on every Sunday.

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