Are you one of those who are unsure about the advantage of using accounting software? These systems can assist you in:

  • Tracking & organizing of business' financial data

  • Accessing a real-time & accurate view of the business's finances

  • Saving time through automatic invoicing

  • Managing inventory effortlessly

Key Features of Accounting Software a Small Business

#1. Ease of Use

Accounting software that provides a dashboard with charts gives you an opportunity to take vital data in at-a-glance. These charts use live data & are quite helpful in tracking the business' Cash In/ Out, payables & receivables. You, in a short time, are able to know what is happening to your business.

Some of these systems also allow you to track the activities of authorized users on the system. You only need a few clicks of the mouse to know expenses, income, & liabilities of your business in addition to the customer debts.

#2. Integrating Billing, Invoicing, & Inventory for Streamlined Processing

Online accounting systems that integrate business' billing, invoicing, & inventory management function can really cut down on your manual work. There will be no need for you to maintain a suite of software systems & spend time on transferring or migrating your business' financial data between them.

Some accounting software systems provide with ready-made invoicing templates & allow you to customize one for your use. You get to add your company name, logo, or trademark to enhance your br&ing.

#3. Bank Reconciliation

Experts advise business owners to regularly reconcile their corporate bank accounts. It allows you to check that your recorded expenses & income match with the bank entries. It gives you the true status of business' cash flow.

#4. Reduce Manual Errors

Accounting software brings accuracy & efficiency to your business' finance. It allows you to minimize manual errors that occur due to fatigue, loss of concentration, & long hours. Most importantly, as these systems reuse the data once entered, it drastically reduces typos that occur while re-entering of the data.

#5. Multi-Currency Transactions

Today, even small businesses have foreign clients. An online accounting software providing multi-currency support streamlines posting of transactions in the currency of customers’ choice. You get to view the transaction in your base currency.

#6. On-the-Go Accounting Software

Today, entrepreneurs are internet-savvy & prefer online accounting software solutions. It gives you 24X7 access to business data from anywhere. These internet browser-based accounting solutions are easy to use. You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or a desktop to use them.

#7. Scalability & Data Security

Online accounting systems by well-known vendors use security matrix to allow multiple users access to data in the central repository. It is on a need-to-know basis. The authorized users get to access data pertaining to their job role without any hassle. These systems are designed to h&le an increased volume of business' transactions whenever the need arises.

#8. Multiple Users

The latest online accounting software systems allow multiple users to access the data. It means you can easily collaborate online with your accountant or accounting services provider in Singapore. You can do so instantly whenever the need arises. It improves your decision-making.

#9. Financial Statements & Reports

You or your accountant can use these systems to prepare various financial statements like profit & loss, cash flow, trial balance, & balance sheet. It helps in tracking your business' financial status & in taking prompt corrective measures to mend the situation.

Selecting an accounting software to buy is a challenging decision. There are literally, zillions of vendors on the internet advertising features of their accounting software for small business. They offer basic to highly sophisticated functionality. However, the owners of growing small businesses also need to plan for scalability.

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I am a technical consultant & a writer who loves to forge knowledge of software products & services.