Where is the relationship? Where is the money? Why do other’s have it so easy and I have it so hard? Life is not fair! These are some of the questions and ruminations I hear from my clients.
Well, this equation is quite simple. Lack breeds lack and abundance breeds abundance. If I want to create more good into my life then I have to love what I have in order to get more of what I want. For instance, if I want to move into a better home then I have to love where I live, and then I will attract more of the same and maybe even better. If I hate where I live, I will most likely move into a worse situation because it is the law of attraction. What I focus on magnifies.
Another great example can be seen with my girlfriend who intended to date a man of wealth. But for some reason they kept getting broker and broker. The reason being is that she was focused on what they could NOT provide for her. The one guy she was dating a few years ago use to borrow money from her now and then. Then she graduated to a guy that was practically living in his car and was really down and out. Again she was “focused” on the man’s lack.
How do you turn this boat around to go in the direction that you want it to go? The answer is so simple that it does not take a high I.Q. or E.Q to figure it out. LOVE what you have! Love the pillows on your bed. Love the cup that holds your coffee. Love the yellow sun, the blue sky, and the breeze on your face. Love your eyes to see, ears to hear, tongue to taste, nose to smell, and finger’s to type or write. Find things to love about your current situation. Love the roof over your head if you have one, and food in the fridge if you have that too. Love what you have and the law of attraction will bring you more situations and things that you love. It could not be simpler, could it?

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Susan Foxley has been a yoga teacher, life coach, and bodyworker for 18 years and currently resides in Santa Monica, California. Susan has studied in both India and the United States with many masters in her field. She incorporates body, mind, and spirit in her sessions, and her enthusiasm and love for what she does is clearly expressed in her work and communication style. You can find out more about her at www.susanfoxleyyoga.com.