New Year's Eve is probably one of the biggest parties in the World, which is celebrated amongst so many countries if every country throughout the globe were on the same timeframe it would be the most amazing unification of the planets population, as it stands the world operates more like a Mexican wave, with celebrations starting in Oceania: Australia and New Zealand etc., following the time zones west around the entirety of the globe. Several time zones of people will be unified for a short time, conducting their own celebrations but all for the common cause - New Year's Eve.

Here is a list of my top destinations to spend your New Year's Eve:

New York City, United States America:

Time square is the place to be if you are heading to NYC for your new year's celebration, the atmosphere here is unusually cheery and festive. Confetti will rain down on you at the stroke of mid night. If you do intend to come here make sure you get in early, they close the streets at 18:00 to ensure the area is not over crowded.

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom:

The Scotch celebrates and see the New Year in with a candle lit procession, followed closely by a street party, a music concert featuring world famous artists. Like New York City, the atmosphere here is incredible and I found it to be a lot less packed out, the pubs are really friendly likewise are the people and when you have finished all of this in the morning be sure to get a traditional breakfast, this will help settle your stomach for the days ahead.

Cape Town, South Africa:

South Africans and tourists alike crowed around the waterfront, you need to get here early to get a decent view as this area will be completely packed out. There are a range of unusual activities you can take part in here including sledging with dogs and something called snowshoeing, which is actually very fun especially if you are with your children they will love this so much. The location of the place to be in South Africa sets an amazing scene surrounded by people all with the same intentions and the water lapping up against the shore. Later in the evening there are dancers in fantastic costumes and covered in face paints dancing along to traditional African music. This place will leave something truly memorable in your mind.

Each of these incredible cities offers you something magical and a truly unique experience, bring your New Year in with style even if you don't manage to head to any of my top three, just make it count, they happen but once a year.

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