A honeymoon is the ideal way to spend the first few days of your married life together - this is not only an opportunity to get to spend some private time together, but also see a new part of the world and relax and have fun before settling into your new married life.

Thailand is a popular destination for honeymooners for a number of reasons. This group of islands is not only exotic and vibrant, but also offers secluded and breathtaking spots taken straight from a postcard, along with a high standard of affordable luxury that you are hard pushed to find elsewhere.

Before you go ahead and look for Thailand honeymoon packages that suit you and your partner, it is worthwhile choosing the region or island of the country that you wish to visit, as many Thailand honeymoon packages will offer you the same high standard of luxury, with only the location making a significant difference to your experience.
One of the most popular destinations with honeymooners is Phuket, the nation's largest island, which is well developed for all kinds of tourism and therefore can offer just about anything that the newlywed couple could want.

Here, visitors can find huge, pristine beaches that are popular with both locals and tourists, along with a well developed nightlife for having fun after hours. For those that enjoy a bit more peace and quiet during the day, there are plenty of smaller beaches to relax on too in the north or south of the island.

Although Phuket is popular with visitors of all kinds, arguably the top spot for honeymooners in particular is Koi Samurai, a large Thai island that specialists in luxury resorts and stunning landscapes. This is a top choice for those that are looking forward to enjoying the natural beauty of Thailand, as the Thong Marine National Park is close by for a day of underwater exploration.
In addition to this, Koi Samurai also boasts a wealth of spas and yoga retreats for those that want to truly indulge and relax on their vacation. Ask your provider of Thailand honeymoon packages if these kinds of activities are included if ultimate relaxation and well-being are high on your list of wants.

There are several alternatives to the fun of Phuket and the indulgence of Koi Samurai, and one of these is the northern Thai region of Chang Mai, which is ideal for those that would like a little more adventure on their first break as a married couple.
Chang Mai has jungles galore to trek through, along with attractions like elephant rides and white water rafting. Although many of the visitors to this particular area are looking for adventure in the form of long hikes and sleeping rough in wild Thailand, there are several luxury resorts here that are great for honeymooners that prefer a bit of comfort at the end of an active day!

This particular region also offers beautiful temples to visit and a charming glimpse into real Thai life, away from the crowds of tourists that tend to flock to destinations such as Bangkok and Phuket.

There are many beautifications those looking for Thailand honeymoon packages to celebrate their newly married life. From the fantastic beaches and fun lifestyle of Phuket to the wild jungles of Chang Mai, this country truly has something for everyone.
Whichever region you decided to visit, make sure that your choice out of a selection of Thailand honeymoon packages includes all the creature comforts, enjoyable activities and touches of luxury that you and your partner need to make this a stress-free and unforgettable stay.
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