If you are living in Symrna, GA, and are looking for good chiropractic care services, you are surely at the right place. One of the best organizations in this area to provide chiropractic care services is the Radiant Health Chiropractic clinic. Dr. Tali Pariser, who is a famous and widely known chiropractor, plans and monitors all the services which are provided here. There are various chiropractic care services which are offered in this clinic. Let us have a deeper insight into some of them.
Treatment for pain
It is understandable that no one likes to be in pain. This is the reason why people rush to clinics and doctors in order to get rid of the pain instantly. The primary aim of Dr. Tali Pariser is to eliminate the pain of the patient and restore his body state so that it starts normal functioning. Some of the problems which you should be looking forward to getting resolved here include:
• Neck pain
• Lower back pain
• Headache
• Sciatic nerve pain
Once the body is restored to its original state and the instant pain is eliminated, the chiropractor ensures that it does not resort to its original painful state. Following that, the final step is to work on the long-term plan focusing on changing the patient’s lifestyle and habits in order to permanently get rid of the pain and any accompanying problems.

Usage of modern techniques
One of the important factors to keep into consideration is that the Radiant Health chiropractic clinic makes use of the latest technology to treat their patients. Some of the modern techniques used during treatment of the patients’ neck pain, back pain etc. include Thompson drop table, extremity adjusting, activator method and muscle testing. The testing is done to identify the areas of concern so that corrective measures can be immediately implemented on them.
Moreover, people with weak bones and muscles including babies and old people require a different approach to be treated. In this regard, Dr. Tali Pariser makes use of Arthrostim. Arthrostim is a low-force technique which is used in delicate cases to ensure that much force is not exerted on the patient’s body.

Custom care plans
One of the distinguished services offered by radiant health chiropractic clinic is their service of custom care plans. Yes, when you visit this clinic the chiropractic will examine you in the first session. Based on the result, a complete plan will be devised which will focus on resolving the problem which you are facing. However, what is important to note is that the whole plan will be made from scratch and will be focused on you. The clinic ensures that each customer is given a unique treatment so that a speedy recovery is experienced.
Hence, if you are facing any problem which you think lie under the domain of a chiropractor, visit this clinic in Symrna GA and let them figure out the best way for you to get rid of your pain and get back to your healthy lifestyle.

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