Bankrupt stock, also known as liquidation stock or stock clearance, are products that are being sold at a heavily discounted price due to a company filing for bankruptcy. Bankrupt stock is often bought to be resold on online auction sites in order to make a profit. An individual may also be able to purchase bankrupt stock to get a good deal on a product they want. There are several places where you can look to get the best prices on bankrupt stock.

The first place to look is online. There are several large websites that specialize in selling bankrupt stock. You will need to check these websites regularly as they are frequently updated with new stock. Some websites will charge a small fee in order to view the goods. Always check for independant feedback as to whether this is a worthwhile investment.

You can contact your local auction houses to see if they have any bankrupt stock sales coming up. When a company goes under they may want to auction off all of their remaining stock in order to raise funds for their creditors. When purchasing bankrupt stock from an auction you may be able to buy individual items or buy items in bulk lots.

Some websites offer a list service, whereby in exchange for a fee they will provide a list of some of the biggest bankrupt stock suppliers. This is generally not recommended as all of the websites they will provide are findable by searching online. You can try searching for keywords such as ‘bankrupt stock clearance’ or ‘liquidation stock sales’.

You can also keep an eye out for any signs of local businesses closing down and go in and ask them whether they can sell their stock in bulk for a discounted price. You can also check the back of your local newspapers and magazines for bankrupt stock sales.

When buying any type of stock make sure that you are buying it from a reputable and trusted dealer. Some stock can be stolen, so always double check where it came from before handing over any money.

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