I’m the kind of a person who rejoices in quantity when it comes to material things like bags, shoes and trendy clothes than quality that cost far too much than my budget could ever afford. Since these things are often used for a certain period of time, I believe that style are more important that the brand name, and as every season, the trends on, shoe, clothes, dresses and bags changes, it would make me feel good to know that I didn’t spent too much money on something that can become a “has been” best example of this is the summer fashion bag, why spend too much, when you can’t use it after this season? Why just worry if it’s beautiful and fashionable? Some clothing or accessories can be kept for future use as a vintage material adding an antique and regal air on your wardrobe.

Moreover, I believe when considering to buy a certain bag, it is not only the design but the texture of the materials used in creating the bags, because there are some designs that simply shows how much it was bought, there are far better designs that look far too expensive than it actually cost. And for the summer season that is about to come, it is simply how I want to find my perfect summer fashion bag, that I will bring throughout my summer, hoping too that it will become my lucky charm and that this coming summer would become my best ever one.

When I think about summer, I think about, having fun, crazy and jolly state of mind, fun trendy clothes, cute shoes and cute dresses, long talks with your closest friends, drinking and yet looking your best through it all, a man on a tuxedo, a woman on a sexy elegant gown, romantic stuff basically, but what I do not want to think about is failing on choosing the perfect set of my summer wardrobe, having the wrong shoes on a certain dress and a horrible cheap looking floral summer fashion bag design. Summer is the time to relax and simple things such as fashion should not have to be so stressful.

I am just too excited to have my summer vacation and while I’m doing my early summer shopping, I found this cute little shop that sells almost everything, from cheap classy accessories, summer fashion bags, trendy clothes, pants, trendy dresses, casual clothing and trendy jewelries, they are even selling a tuxedo and bridal gowns. This shop’s name is Little LA Boutique and their blog is just too cute, they have this section on recreating celebrity looks and they sell clothes, shoes, accessories and bags, similar or identical to that of a celebrity and I just love those. This shop simply has varieties of items to choose from and its addicting. It’s the kind of store that you would not leave unless you bought something, only it’s the technical version.

Check out the site, you won’t regret it the next thing you know your having a great summer! Have a Blast!

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In Little La Boutique summer is the time to help women meet their needs, to get those affordable must-haves that has good quality and very much in the now. To give you that cute dress for your romantic summer, or that casual attire to relieve you from stress of working on summer schedule and best of all getting your hands on that special summer fashion bags that you will not part with through out your vacation.