A lot of you guys are asking the question where to buy Italy software. Before you buy an ERP system from any software company you must check some background. Tally ERP software is built by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This is one of the oldest and earliest ERP systems in Asia.

This company is founded by Goenka father-son duo. They founded the company back in 1986 and lunch the ERP system in 1988. But back at that time, it was not an ERP system, It was more of a accounting software. They launched their ERP system with windows operating system in 1998. From that day Tally ERP system is running in the market as one of ten top ERP system in the world.
This company is the torch bearer for most of the software company in South Asia. They start the business only for the Indian market, but with time the company expand their business and becomes a multinational company.

What Does Tally ERP represent

Right now Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd limited is offering the Tally ERP9 for the clients. This ERP system is of the very best in the market. It will do payroll, inventory management system, accounts management system etc. It actually gives you every possible way of managing your company and staff regardless the size of your company. This ERP system can be used in a small company to the big company. You can use it even in small shops in markets.

Prospect of Tally software in Bangladesh

Prospect of Tally ERP systems is very bright. Tally software in Bangladesh is gaining business very rapidly. The business sector is on the upper side for Bangladesh as its economic growth per year is higher than 7 percent and last 6 years the percentage average is no less than 6.5 is an indication that business in Bangladesh is spreading very rapidly. With this most of the company need a good ERP system. As you can understand that the demand of the ERP system is a pick. Tally software already makes a name for them in Bangladesh market for last decades despite of good local and foreign ERP system in Bangladesh. This will lead you to the next question where you will buy Tally ERP system. Now run through me.
Where to buy Tally ERP software

You can buy Tally ERP with multiple user interface and a single user interface. There are two ways to buy tally ERP system. You go to the Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Website and download and buy the ERP system from there. It is quite easy to use and user-friendly make. It is easy to adapt this software. But there is one thing I should make you aware of that no software is perfect. You're going to need some changes and customization in the software. If you are not a tech guy I will advise you to buy it from any reseller with maintaining and customization warranty. It may cause you extra few bucks but in long run is will surely help you to get a better experience with the tally ERP software.

Hope you find what you are looking. Tally ERP is the best for the new and upcoming company with the minimum budget. There are many resellers in the market. If you are company do not have an IT team, I will suggest that you buy it from any reseller.

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