In this modern era, LED light strips are one of the must-have essentials for home decoration. This flexible circuit board can almost stick anywhere you wish to enhance powerful lighting. Most interior designers like to use these LED strip lights in bedroom which adds a soothing and warm effect to the atmosphere.

However, one should always be careful to select the type of LED strip lights that fit their requirements and fulfill the standards of quality.

LE Lighting Ever offers a variety of LED light fixtures and LED light bulbs to give your place a cozy and comfortable ambiance.

There are a number of factors that you need to look for while buying LED strip lights for your place, be it your lounge or bedroom.

● Colour

Your place won’t look beautiful if the colour of your LED strip lights do not compliment your bedroom’s walls. The contrast of lights need to fit perfectly with the colour of your bedroom in order to give a complete luxurious look. There are three common options for this; daylight white, warm white and RGB. For example, in the kitchen, warm lights would be the best to go for. In the lounge or basement, where you plan to host your weekend parties, RGB or Smart LED lights is the ideal option. Some of these come with built in music sync features and compatibility with Alexa and Google home so it gets more exciting when you have lights, dance and music altogether!

● Brightness

This depends upon your own choice whether you like to keep your room a highly lit or keep the brightness at a normal level. The higher the intensity of an LED, the more its brightness will be. At LE Lightning Ever, you get a wide range of LED strips starting from as low as 12V to exceeding more than 120V.

● Dimmable Facility

If you go for white colours, it is suggested to buy dimmer as well so you can control the harsh intensity of light from affecting your eyes. It should also be noticed that the cost of an LED light with a dimmer is usually higher than the ordinary ones.

● Waterproof LEDs

This feature is really important if your LED strips are placed in the washroom or somewhere outdoors, say your backyard or porch. You cannot always keep a watch over the weather so it is much convenient to buy waterproof LED light strips. The price, however, is usually 20% higher with this feature.

● Voice control feature

If you’re working on your project or cooking the dinner for your guests, you cannot really afford to waste any time. Therefore, if you feel like turning your lights on/off, changing color or brightness then a Smart LED light is your catch. By just connecting it to your Google Assistant or Alexa, you can manage everything at the cost of one command.

So now you know what and where to look for these LED strip lights which are taking over our home interior industry! Get your hands on the most exciting LED strip lights and turn your humble abode into your own mini heaven!

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