Flowers play an important role in all Indian weddings and for auspicious ceremonies over the decades.

Apart from their mythological significance some flowers are also a symbol of ‘good fortune’ and are believed to be auspicious.

South Indians consider flower display as part of their daily routine and also use fresh flowers on all festivals and auspicious occasions. For Indian wedding, there are some common flowers used since ages and they are still part of every Indian wedding

Jasmine for south Indian weddings

Even if you attend a South Indian wedding in the USA, the first thing that you will notice is the sweet aroma of jasmine flowers in USA all around the venue.

You will also notice that the bride wears strings of fresh jasmine flower in hair. They look so beautiful and spread aroma within seconds. These fresh jasmine flowers for hair are feminine flowers and are symbol of purity, happiness and good luck. Hence they are quite significant in all south Indian weddings.

Not just the South Indian weddings have jasmine flowers but people in many other countries also order jasmine flowers online for auspicious occasions along with marigolds

White Jasmine

Among all other Indian traditional flowers in USA, white jasmine is used in Indian weddings. Most brides wear jasmine flower strings in hair and according to different Indian traditions, even grooms wear mask of jasmine covering their face.

Apart from the sweet aroma of these Indian flowers in USA it is also believed that jasmine brings in good luck success and prosperity. The flower is also a symbol of sensuality and bonding. They are flowers that represent grace, elegance and grandeur.

Fresh Jasmine Garlands

Searching for jasmine flowers online would help you discover range of garlands made of fresh jasmine flower. These garlands are available in different colours along with standard colours like black & white. You can also pick handmade jasmine flower garlands.

Traditional Gajara

The traditional Gajara fascinates every one and it is the main accessory in Indian tradition.

Gajaras are still alive even after centuries and they still play the significant part in any wedding for Indian woman. In some Indian Gajara made out of fresh jasmine flowers is used in daily routine where in some traditions it is used in weddings or during festivals.

The mild and mind blowing aroma of jasmine flowers and its overall look to the one’s hair cannot be replaced by any other hair accessories.

Modern women also wear fresh jasmine flowers for hair as this is the simple accessory for hair that gives a traditional appeal with elegance.

While Gajaras form an important hair accessory for brides they were earlier the major part of – ‘solah shringaar’.

Earlier Gajaras were available in white colour and were quite simple in its appearance. Now, multicoloured Gajaras are available and have become popular among women.

Apart from jasmine they are made of other flowers like mogra, roses etc and including small strands of jasmine flower elaborates its appearance making it look elegant. These Gajaras are also used on bride’s wrist which is believed to be auspicious.

No matter whether you have shifted to USA or any other country, you can still celebrate Indian festivals and perform Indian rituals without worrying about ordering flowers.

Even if you want to get married abroad and have no idea whether you will get Indian traditional flowers in USA, don’t worry as there are many online florists that offer flowers you need for different occasions. These flowers are directly imported from India so without being in India you can always practice the rituals in Indian way.

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Offering of fresh fragrant flowers at the lotus feet of the deities and garlanding the idols or the picture of the deities form the main part of the prayer of the Hindus. Several saints like Alwars, Nayanmars and Baktha Daasas like Thyagaraja, Purnandaradasa have sung and enjoyed the greatness of offering flowers to God chanting their Divya namas. Hindus wherever they may be, want to live with their culture. In order to facilitate the Hindus living in the USA to perform all their religious prayers and to celebrate all happy occasions like weddings, anniversary, engagement etc. Vivek Flowers is your one-stop shop for fulfilling your worshiping needs by bringing you pooja essentials including fresh flower garlands and idols of deities online with many other products.