Before I go into this article I would like to make something very clear: NO ONE ALLOWS FEAR TO BLOCK THEIR LIFE! Now some of you maybe balking at that statement, but think about it, if you knew you had fear or if you are feeling fearful, would you really consciously or subconsciously and knowingly allow fear to block your life? No you wouldn't. You would want to do everything in your power to get rid of your fears. Fear is a feeling that comes up in response to all the things we were told as a child. That is why many of you as adults may be so confused as to where this present day fear is coming from. Of course there are some fears that are organic. For example, fear of fire, the fear of danger or an attack. These are all organic fears, meaning they are a part of life and they keep you safe. We all have fears. Fear of the unknown, fear of success, fear of speaking and more. Fear can be a huge boulder in our path. Unfortunately, many of you do not know how to clear away this fear. It is not enough to just feel your fear and do it anyway.

I have a morbid fear of flying. Now if you knew me well enough you would be laughing since I travel quite frequently. My fear of flying is so bad that I need to be medicated before boarding a plane and I usually have to be medicated an hour in advance. Just imagine me having to do connections, yes, I need to be medicated for each leg of my flights. My friends do not understand this since I love to travel. I have to be on solid ground at all times and I swear the plane is going to drop out of the sky or crash into another plane. What if the Pilots fell asleep or were drunk or better yet, decided to go meet their Maker and take me with them? Are you laughing yet? Many of you may think that by flying so much I would be facing my fear and therefore I would conquer my fear of flying. However, it was not until the awful events of 9/11 that my fear of flying dissipated. In the face of such bigger traumatic events my fear of flying seemed so second place. Now, while I still need to be medicated, the air pressure affects my ears, I no longer have that profound fear of flying.

Many of our fears if not all of them had their beginning somewhere in our childhood. How would I know? Well for one, every time I looked behind each of my fears, I saw that they originated in my childhood. They just manifested differently to fit the time frame I was living in. We maybe embarrassed to think or believe that childhood issues are still affecting us, so it is easier to believe or accept that we as adults created those fears in our Minds. Let me give you an example of childhood issues holding us hostage as Adults. As a child I was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I was criticized and abused by so many Adult Witnesses, my reputation was tarnished all because I was out spoken and did not stand for hypocrisy. They blamed a lot of things on a twelve year old girl Their behaviour affected me, but instead of talking about it I repressed all those feelings. Now as an adult, I'm a Author, Speaker and Spiritual Life Design Coach and I'm noticing for awhile now that I have a deadly fear of moving forward in my Business. I couldn't understand it until while reading an article about fear I realized that I was deeply scared of going public and booking Speaking engagements because I was afraid that The Witnesses would see me and criticize me all over again. Now that may or may not be true, but it was a fear that was deeply embedded in my psyche and it was blocking me and preventing me from moving forward towards growing myself and my business. When I came to the realization of what was blocking me, it felt like a HUGE boulder was removed from my head.

You can have it all. A life of abundance, financial success, the job of your dreams, the relationship of your dreams, but I can assure you that if you are not having those things right now, it's because there is some fear manifesting in your subconscious. Now you don't have to do anything drastic as Past-life Regression, however, you can take small steps to looking deeper within at each of your fears. If you have a fear of not having enough money, look into your childhood and see what messages you might have picked up about money from your parents or early caretakers. Were they always pinching pennies and complaining that everything is expensive? Now look at you now and where your life is, do you have the same view or is it that you are just regurgitating what you saw around you as a child? Do you have a fear of success? Were your family ever financially successful or were they constantly complaining that life is hard? If that was the case, then you will pick up as a child that success is either hard to get or it does not exist. A lot of your fears that maybe blocking your life now maybe Adult-ified, but they all had a beginning in your childhood. Regarding my fear of flying, it was about control. As a child I was always moving from place to place and I never quite felt grounded. So my fear of flying came from a fear of not being grounded.

There is nothing in life that is impossible to get. They only seem impossible because your fears are rearing their ugly heads working overtime to prevent you from moving forward in your life. You may have heard messages of doom and the fight for survival for so long that your Mind cannot conceive anything else. Living the life you desire is not as simple as changing your thoughts as some would like you to believe. You may change your thoughts on the surface, but the root of those thoughts still exists deep in your subconscious and unless you get to the root you will be constantly working on changing your thoughts. Get to the root of your thoughts and fears, weed them out so they don't come back and attack you thus getting rid of them forever. Once you start uprooting your fears from the root, you will begin to see your life moving forward at an extremely rapid pace.


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