I wonder...when something new is opened or discovered and there is so much activity, people say how wonderful and helpful it is, are they lying? or just wrong. For the purposes of this discussion, I am not speaking of a new restaurant, rather this is about something that is of benefit to you and your mental or emotional state. Something that brings you benefits or further towards your goal.

If they were all wrong, then how is that possible? If a person says that something is great and wonderful, they are not speculating, they are stating a fact, so they could not have been wrong. Therefore they must have been lying. Now I must wonder, did they lie to themselves or to everyone else? What would be the point of lying to everyone else? They would have nothing to gain from that so that does not make sense. Therefore, they must have been lying to themselves.

If that is the case, I am certain they did not know they were lying, otherwise they would not bother wasting time, so they must have believed what they said, even though they lied. That sounds bizarre if a person is one person, how could they lie to themselves and actually believe that lie? They must know they are lying if it is them who tells the lie. This must mean that people do not know who they are, or what they are talking about, and certainly have no idea what they really believe.

If they say it is no longer good, then they must realize why, based on what made it good. With a forum or group or school that is nothing more than people participating, one way good becomes not good is by stopping to participate. Why would people stop doing what was good for them?

If that is true, as it seems to be, then no wonder people spend their life going in circles and rarely if ever achieve their goals and desires, they obviously have no idea what they want or believe, and what they think they believe is a lie.

There is no foundation of truth in a normal human life from the view of the world, society and people in general. As we all know, everything we get fed is based on some personal subjective opinion or marketing ploy to convince us to believe something that is not accurate. Now we can see that there is not even any foundation of truth in our very own mind!

I would say that life is in this case hopeless, why bother, we are all doomed, everything is just a lie. But we continue to live on, so there must be hope, and a reason. The question is if a person will take the action to find what will give them hope to break out of this self perpetuated prison of a life and begin to move forward.

A lie is basically a story that is different than the truth. Therefore, if there is a lie, there must be a truth. This is where there is great hope for us all, the fact that there must be a truth to everything. If there is no lie, then there is only the truth. If there is a lie, then there must be a truth, so no matter how you look at it, there is always a truth to all things.

Finding the truth is not as difficult as stopping to believe a lie. This is the challenge, to stop believing your own lies to your self. When you face the facts of the reality of what you believe, which is the truth of what you really want and think based on the evidence of your actions, you will find the truth about yourself.

Most people will do everything in their power, usually subconsciously, to avoid the truth. If you observe people you will find the most amazing examples of being faced with holding something in their hand and yet denying it exists. We can even convince ourselves that our very eyes are reporting something other than what they see accurately!

When you have the courage to objectively see the truth about your beliefs based on your actions, then you can change what you believe because you are dealing with your beliefs as they are, rather than as you think they are.

If you believe that something is good for your benefit, and you start following it and find beneficial results, then later stop pursuing it and saying that it is no longer good, the question is if it really changed or do you really want what is good for you.
This is the key to failure, to avoid anything beneficial based on a self lie that it is no longer good. Now is the time to ask if you are telling the truth to yourself about what you really want. Do you want to improve your life? Do you want to get out of the difficulties you are in? Do you want to have success in your chosen path? If you have answered yes, then why are you not doing anything and everything towards achieving it while giving up everything that hinders it? There must be a lie in some of these questions and answers.

I think that the way to find happiness and success in life is to stop lying by testing what you believe you want based on your actions. It can be as simple as that to achieve whatever you desire. Give up thinking that you are so smart and know your self, the fact is that you do not. I am sure that you can find many people who you see have this flaw of not knowing themselves, and you know them better than they do, but of course, you are not like that at all, you know your self inside out.

Do you really know who you are and know what you want? If you did, then you would work towards it consistently rather than starting something, getting excited and then dropping out. Many people say they do not know what they want, at least that is nearly honest but not completely. That is still a lie.

True, they do not have an idea of what they want to do for work or a hobby, but they know very well what they want. They want food and clothing and a home. They want sex and a companion perhaps. Most of all, they want a purpose or something to do. They want a lot of things. For you in the position of thinking you do not know what you want, I call you a liar. Now with this different view of knowing what you want, make your list.

And now we have come to the reality of the problem. We know what we want, but we are too lazy to put in the effort to get it by discounting its value. That is the truth that is very simple and indisputable. You may argue that this is not true, you are not lazy, fine, I am open to correction. In this case, please explain why you are not doing what you need to get what you want.

This is usually the point that the ‘deer in the headlights’ look glazes over the eyes and a loss for words kicks in. Lazy is a harsh word, and there is a lot of resistance to it, but I do not know what other word to use, perhaps you can suggest one?

How can you explain having a goal or desire, as we have shown you have many, as every single person alive has, and yet not work towards achieving it? Is lazy the right word? Is there another word or reason that you can suggest? Clearly there must be a good reason and if it was any of the reasons you have given for walking away from any opportunity that was helping you, then you should have some solution as well. Do you just want to fail in life and be miserable? If so, why?

What is the truth about your lack of success and efforts towards your goals? Stop lying to your self and get on with life. Find a teacher or school or hobby or skill to learn. Learn it well, then learn something else. Find something to do and devote yourself to becoming the best you can be at whatever it is.

If you still cannot find a goal or purpose for your life, and the normal survival ones are not acceptable to you, although I do not know how having the money to eat is not a good goal, but still you are not satisfied, then let me suggest a goal for you to work towards.

Every day, make someone smile.

That may sound simple or foolish, but in fact it is excellent and universal. Find the joy in any job by making it your real job to make people happy by being happy. You can do this in any job or place in the world, and so what you do for work becomes secondary. We all need a purpose, but we are tricked into thinking that it must be a profession or something that you can find listed in the Yellow Pages. This is not at all correct. The great joy of being human is the joy of giving and doing for someone else. Making someone smile when they are down is the greatest service you can provide.

There is always a place for you to be of great service if you accept that there is nothing greater than making people happy, and you can find an infinite number of places and ways to do this.

Do you prefer to add to the misery and sadness in the world or would you like to make a change and difference, helping someone out of their misery. It is as simple as this, and if you will take the effort to be active in the world, taking this goal throughout your day, you will find that you get the most benefit and find a great purpose in life.

Just remember that purpose is not defined by material achievements or acquisitions, it is defined by the joy in your heart. Give to others what you have received. You can read, but many adults in the world cannot, here is a good place to start, teach people to read.

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