Yes, it is to think seriously about and ask within delving deep into what makes the difference between truth inculcated by the prophets in the past and that of expounded lately by Ma-Mahajnan, the spiritual genius. Swami Vivekananda, the great Hindu monk, delivered a lecture in ‘The Parliament of Religion’ in 1893 in Chicago, USA, that as all roads are led to a particular place so are different beliefs speak about the same truth. It has had been supported, more or less, by all the representatives present there and widely, thereafter. There are religions earlier from the Vedic period to till today—before the advent of Ma-Mahajnan, the Mother to all.

Ma-Mahajnan expressed in a state of ‘Conscious Trance’ so many things on worldly affairs and spiritual striving, being designated as “worldly-cum-spiritual contemplation”. They should have to be accepted after serious scrutiny and thorough research. In the context of every religion we presume again and again that all roads lead to a particular place provide us the concept of truth. There is nothing to disapprove of one another. But in the issues related to climbing a mountain whatever path we may choose to go up, are to face so many difficulties before we reach the summit. The paths are, needless to say, same tough for all any way. Living in the plain land none can ever have an idea about how deadly the situations are as one ascends. So does Mother proclaim: “Profound renunciation begets profound knowledge”. It has got a great implication which has to be realized at heart. The meeting point of all the roads gives us an idea of truth, no doubt. But in the question of arriving at the submit there involves lots of problems before attaining perfection. We are to think twice before passing any remark, aren’t we?

Basically, worldly-cum-spiritual striving is of serious concern in the question of highest attainment in one life. A conjugal life demands much from either husband or wife along with children, not to speak of other members of the family. Realization of truth, with due adjustment, is never so simple. Again, to satisfy the need of the family, that of the neighbors, devotees and disciples a man may be successful to some extent. But in case of a woman it is not at all easy—more precisely, practically impossible. Thinking about so many aspects, Ma-Mahajnan was entangled with at every step throughout her life. We can easily infer that it was all simply beyond imagination. Now it is all up to you how far the things were possible in the light of spiritual pursuit. Aren’t we supposed to judge them in the perspective of past and present? So during her life-time she often said: Come one come all to get things known straightaway from me.

Frankly, without following Mother’s way of thinking will we ever be able to realize spirituality in the perspective of reality and religion that are getting complicated day by day? There are untold worldly problems we are to face everyday as regards social and political unrest. Keeping them aside or solving, spiritual striving is not so easy possible. That again, it is a constant process that hangs about us ever alert to restore balance. Amid ups and downs life should be smooth-going and peaceful—this is just unthinkable. Yes, mind should always remain pacified to satisfy the restless and bewildered members of the family and the followers to remain calm and quiet, well-to-do in one life. To fulfill a mission with clear vision is the most outstanding contribution a nation deserves from its citizens. Ma-Mahajnan speaks all about these things. Now it is up to you to judge things from every standard.

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Ma-Mahajnan, a matchless spiritual genius, expressed her entire creation in a state of "Conscious Trance” which has all been stuffed with matters of highly philosophical value and related with strong literary sense. She could not attend even Primary School due to extreme poverty. Strangely, she was taught all by herself in the School of Nature. The weird and wonderful life is possibly the souse of her vast experience and profound realization. She was born on 17 July, 1928 and passed away on 22 January, 2011. Listen to what Ma-Mahajnan said once: What I tell you briefly about the early phase. Listen first about my life. I was married off at the age of thirteen. I was the second wife, my husband married for the second time and thus I came into his family. I didn’t get any chance for schooling.” You’ll perhaps weep to hear how I came as a wife, driven by utter poverty or how they packed me off. After that all at once I slowly progressed in the domain of that ‘Nothingness’-- “I’m the Mother; the Nothingness, too.”

Asokananda Prosad, Ma-Mahajnan's first disciple, is an engineer, a philosopher and a philanthropist. Being the missing son—the eldest and the first disciple of Great Ma-Mahajnan, he has had to shoulder so many burdens of Ashram and Temple. He has long been translating Works of Ma-Mahajnan, written in Bengali, into English. The Mother didn’t just put those in black and white, but simply expressed, extempore and spontaneous, in a state of “Conscious Trance” and Asokananda, along with his brothers and sisters of Ashram and Temple, got those tape-recorded. Director of Pub. Div. : Adarsha Prokashani; Editor of Journals : Nandan Kanan & Sudhi Sahitya; General Secretary : Ma-Mahajnan Vishwa Kalyan Trust; Secretary : Society for the Formation of Character and Sequence; Independent Scholar : Philosophy Documentation Center, Ohio, USA; An Inaugural Member as a Leading Philosopher of the World : 2006; International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England; Invited to join The XXII World Congress of Philosophy 2008, held in Seoul, Korea, from 30 July to 5 August, 2008.