Endometriosis mainly refers to gynecological diseases in which active endometrial cells are planted outside the endometrium. As a result, endometrial tissue should grow in the uterine cavity. Still, it may be because the uterine cavity can not normally connect with the fallopian tube through the pelvic cavity so that the endometrial cells will grow through the fallopian tube into the ectopic pelvic area.

Where does endometriosis ache?

Endometriosis pain is related to the location of the lesion. When endometriosis occurs, the typical symptom of patients is dysmenorrhea. When dysmenorrhea occurs, patients will have pain in the lower abdomen. The stimulation of many ectopic nodules causes this kind of pain. Even endometriosis, after postpartum, can be planted on the side incision, so every month when menstruation, in addition to menstruation, this place will also be painful.

If planted in the ovary, chocolate cyst appear, grow up near the ovary, pelvic pain on both sides. Then, the ectopic foci can go to other places.

Endometriosis causing lower abdominal pain symptoms may also radiate to the sacral region. When the onset of menstruation pain symptoms increase, in the non-menstrual period, lower abdominal pain may affect people's daily life.

The degree, location, and duration of pain in patients with endometriosis are closely related to the lesion's location and severity. Some people even have pain when they defecate. Everyone behaves differently.

What are the clinical manifestations of endometriosis?

1. Dysmenorrhea

After the occurrence of endometriosis, patients will have dysmenorrhea symptoms, which often begin to appear 1-2 days before menstruation. And the symptoms are the most serious on the first day of menstruation, which may gradually reduce after menstruation and disappear after menstruation is clean. Endometriosis patients can not alleviate the dysmenorrhea symptoms in more severe cases, even taking analgesic drugs.

2. Abnormal menstruation

Endometriosis can also lead to menorrhagia or menstrual cycle disorders in women. Again, it is because endometriosis directly affects the normal function of the ovary. As a result, patients with endometriosis are prone to ovarian dysfunction.

3. Infertility

Endometriosis patients will also have infertility symptoms, about 40% - 50% of patients with infertility symptoms. It is mainly because endometriosis often causes adhesion around the fallopian tube, which directly affects the oocytes, or because the ovary affects ovulation after pathological changes.

4. Others

After the emergence of endometriosis, patients will have a periodic frequency of urination, hematuria, and other symptoms. In patients with intestinal endometriosis, abdominal pain, constipation, and frequent bloody stool may occur. There may also be unilateral low back pain and hematuria.

If women have these symptoms, they should pay attention to them. Although endometriosis can lead to a difficult pregnancy, it is fortunate that some women with endometriosis still have the possibility of natural pregnancy.

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In addition, Dr. Lee also provides some methods to improve the condition of endometriosis patients in daily life.

A. Take a hot bath or use a heating pad or bag. Warm and can help relax pelvic muscles, reduce pain and cramps;

B. Activities. Regular exercise can help improve some discomfort and improve the overall mood;

C. Participate in sharing activities. Endometriosis is so high that it is not alone. It can communicate with people with endometriosis or complex pregnancy problems. It can increase experience and improve mood.

It's not easy to give birth, and people should cherish it. So, in the face of infertility caused by endometriosis, women must not panic and anxiety, maintain a good attitude because negative emotions can not solve any problems. Stable mind, timely treatment, and give enough attention, I believe that patients with endometriosis can finally successfully achieve pregnancy, usher in a good pregnancy life.

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