As you continue your journey along the path of self discovery, your reactions to certain events may cause you to wonder where that came from. You react in ways that seem totally out of context with the situation. This may cause you to pause and wonder why this simple situation is having such an impact on you.

Not to worry. You’ve just run into an old, buried program that is showing up because a situation you’re in is causing it to trigger. You know you’ve never been in this situation before, yet your reactions are so strong it’s puzzling.

Think of the journey of self discovery as a journey into the many layers of you. There are layers upon layers of programs and reaction points inside of you. As you explore and uncover them, remember that more lie beneath these. Kind of like an iceberg. You only see a small portion of the whole, most is unseen, beneath the surface.

Where do they come from?

Good question. You need to go back into your early childhood to uncover your programs. Many of these were set by the time you were 8-10 years old. Most of your programs/thought patterns are based on learned concepts from your parents and other interactions in childhood reinforced these. Many of these are beneficial and have served us well in becoming a balanced person who contributes to society.

Then there are those thought patterns/programs that are non-beneficial. These are the root of self worth issues and blocks in becoming the person you strive to be. They come from our interpretation of events from our childhood. Too many times, these interpretations are based on the perceived ideas of a child’s mind. This child’s mind did not have enough information to make well-informed opinions. Instead, the child’s mind tended to come up with illogical concepts from events not fully understood. A lot of times the child will feel as if they are to blame for the problems they witness.

This all leads to self worth issues that show up in many different ways after puberty and into adulthood. Many of our destructive patterns can be traced back to incidents in our past. Our potential is conditioned by perceived patterns or programs we took on as children.

Changing your programs

The good news is that you can change these non-beneficial programs and thought patterns. The first step is recognizing and becoming aware of a program and your actions as a result of this. Usually you can trace a negative program back to its origins. It may be uncomfortable opening up places you’ve kept hidden all these years. But believe me, once you shed the light on an old thought pattern, you begin to realize that it doesn’t serve you anymore. You see the flaws in your old thought process surrounding this program.

Are you ready to address some of your old programs and negative thought patterns? Since these originate in your subconscious mind, that’s where the work begins. Your subconscious mind does not recognize the difference between real or perceived. It is somewhat illogical in that way. Knowing this, you can change your subconscious mind’s perception of what is good or bad. When your subconscious knows what you want, it will provide it for you. So change your thought patterns and this will change your reactions.

Release the negative hold these old programs have on you. Understand that these programs were conceived by your mind as a child. Know the accompanying thoughts are no longer valid. Recognize that you are in a different place now and these no longer serve you in moving forward.

It may be rough at times to address these emotion-packed programs, but once you begin to negate their impact on you, imagine how good you’ll feel! Imagine lifting the weight of the past off your shoulders. Allow the past to be the past and move towards your renewed life filled with infinite possibilities!

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Val Wilcox is a Speaker, Author and Life Coach who specializes in Empowering Your Life’s Dreams. Her passion lies in helping people discover their Dreams and navigate the transitions of Life’s interesting challenges. Success has many faces and looks different to each and every one of us. Discovering your Life’s Dreams unlocks the key to a better life.

With more than 10 years of experience in Personal Leadership Development Training, Val brings a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to her coaching.

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