Baby Hanboks aren't easy to come across in America, especially if you don't live in an area full of Koreans. It's not an everyday thing to stroll down the street and see a hanbok vendor in your neighborhood.

For most Americans who don't live in an urban city populated with Koreans, a hanbok shop will be hard to come across.

Thankfully, there's the internet that grants us access to all the vendors needed.

And online, you'll find a ton of hanbok vendors from shopping platforms like Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy and even websites with companies uploading their own handmade beautiful baby hanboks.

There's a very clear difference between hanbok vendors who are on eCommerce platforms and those that have their own websites.

People on Etsy, Amazon, and Ebay have extremely long shipping times and they usually drop ship their products. What this means is, they'll find a hanbok vendor either in America or Korea and purchase these hanboks 1 by 1 and sell it for a higher price.

Compare that to hanbok vendors who run their own websites and go through the extensive process of branding their products. These products go through high quality inspections unlike the hanboks sold on Etsy, Amazon, and Ebay and are priced very similarly to the vendors on the eCommerce platforms.

The choice is clear when a person wants to purchase a baby boy hanbok - they should steer clear from e-commerce platforms and look for quality vendors who have their own websites.

Now a lot of quality hanbok vendors in Korea also sell their items worldwide however don't market as well so get limited exposure. These vendors survive purely on brand name in Korea and get exposure through people searching their name directly on search engines like Google. Names that come to mind are Leesle.

The problem with purchasing from these companies are overpriced items and long shipping times. Companies like Leesle can price their items high because they're a brand name and don't necessarily have to provide higher quality compared to their competitors.

So. The real winner is to find a brand or website that can provide a quality an authentic hanbok at an economical price with fast shipping and one brand comes to mind - Joteta Korean Online Shop.

They have found a way to provide aesthetic baby hanboks of various styles at at economical price with express shipping. Their baby hanbok store carries hanboks for ages 100 to ages 2 and focus on aesthetic designs while assuring quality and authenticity.

Joteta also is a good example of a company that clearly understands their market demographics and matches their brand, price, and service to meet their demographic. For people looking for baby hanboks, they usually need it for a celebration so obtaining the item within a specific date is crucial and express shipping by Joteta which deliver a hanbok within 7 business day dismisses anxiety associated with not receiving a hanbok in time and people don't want to pay an exorbitant amount for a hanbok that their baby will outgrow in 2 years so Joteta has found a way to manufacture their products in bulk to reduce costs for their customers.

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