Where can I get genuine online psychic readings? Written by well known clairvoyant Beth Shepherd.

Anyone who has spent time looking on the web will find that there is a huge choice. Thousands of websites claim they offer truthful, helpful web psychic readings which are genuine. Sadly few of them do. Some are owned by people who hope to make money easily and fast and then fall by the wayside when they realise it is not as easy as they had expected. Others are not reliable or skilled enough to be able to cope and sustain the service - a good example is a lady I know - who is not at all psychic - who thought she could get someone to do her a free website and then get hundreds of offers to work and pass them all on to other people to do very cheaply.

Many of them are set up by companies who pay an unknown person to have their photo taken and write a splash about how great they are on the site and then pass on all of the phone calls to unknown part time people with no clue and there are also those who are owned and run by a well known psychic and give the impression you will speak to that person (as if a well known person would be sitting by the phone all day in the hope you ring - or working that cheaply ) and then pass you on to their unknowns.

She really expected the website developer and the real psychics to put in all of the time and effort - and money - and for her to get most of the money while she sits back and does very little! She was not even a well known psychic where people would be drawn to her site because of her name. So how on earth did she expect this to work?

There is a ripple of contempt that goes throughout the World towards psychics. I know because I get emails from women who I have never ever done a reading for, they write to my office, thinking I will read it. Sadly I am too busy reading emails from genuine clients to read theirs too. But apparently they tell my staff that I must be a con artist if I charge etc. Really? Strange that. Because the man who does my website charges a great deal and I do not consider him to be a con artist, I think it is normal that he works and gets paid to. Likewise the women who sit in my office sorting out my consultations, who have no expenses whatsoever, should get paid for their time and help and quite rightly would refuse to do it otherwise. They would then move on to a paid job somewhere else. Why is it different if the psychic also gets paid for her help and time, especially when she has the expenses?

The excuse such people make is that it proves you are genuine and your motives are honourable. This is a very black and white statement. Because doctors, priests and many others who help people get paid and nobody questions their motives. Anyway, does it really matter if they do it for the money or for the glory, so long as they do it well.

But clients should be genuine. One of my staff told me this morning that we had had a very nasty email from a woman (or someone pretending to be one ) telling us if I did not do her a long, detailed, free reading she would write a nasty review about me and pass the word around that I should not be consulted I thought really? Blackmail. Trying to force me into working for free is hardly genuine or nice. But we have heard it all before. Unlike many of the websites up there mine has been there a long time. I am not new to this, I am not naive and gullible and blind to the ways of the World. If I was I would be out of my depth when helping clients.

As to this idea that if a person free it proves they give a genuine online psychic reading that makes no sense either. It simply panders to their meanness and greed. You would not say this about a doctor, nurse or therapist. They like to think they are somehow doing the psychic person a favour if they let them read for them free! As if the psychic has no life and no job and no other things to spend their time on.

The truth is that if a tarot reader and clairvoyant is genuine and good they would get people flocking to them. They cheaper they are the more people would flock to them because people often only think of the immediate saving and not the long term implications or the other person. If sittings were all free they would get thousands go to them simply because it is free, some would not even care much whether they were any good or not so long as it does not cost them money, but when the sittings are good too it would be even busier, those people would have much to gain and nothing to lose. And because people can be self centre those people would often expect to have a reading every other day and always want the longest most detailed of readings rather than opt for a basic short one (because it saves them money). There is no such thing as a genuine online psychic reading which is free because if that person were any good they would already be so swamped with offers to do readings they would be too busy to be looking for more people. And how would they cover the costs of their website if everything to do is free?

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