With the hands of two fellas we established as a startup, Our never ending passion and love towards the enterprise gave us a red carpet to improvise and we are not ready to lose the opportunity of becoming a successor and from there we started writing the masterpiece story of Trioangle Technology.

We will never say as we are the perfect one, because we had an urge to improvise and grow on. So we highly prioritized on the satisfactory platform called the clone script.

Because in this technical evolution era clone script acts as a key solution for the business needs and moreover clone script is the supreme choices to develop a website in a compact period.

This most beneficiary option cannot be chosen just on the go. Yes ! Obviously it requires more research work and analysis to grab the best one among the miscellaneous vendors in the marketplace.

So we Trioangle with the experience of four plus years in this clone script platform working to find the best and the better. Correspondingly we guarantee to provide a quality clone script which can justify your business needs.

Right now we are working on the most prominent brands clone and also supporting service projects.

Clone Scripts :
Our authentic products are listed briefly

Clone Script

Makent – Airbnb Clone

Makent (Airbnb Clone) is a best web based rental script. You can use our software for any rental based system. It has the best features of Airbnb, So, that end user can easily use our software. We have a set of unique features, it has differentiated us from our competitors.

It’s hard to get the best Airbnb script and deploying it in SAAS (Software as a Service). But, we are providing you the best software with major features of Airbnb. When Airbnb update a new feature, you can easily get that feature by our software. You can easily customize our Makent (Airbnb Clone) script as per your requirement

The Boat rental script, Car rental script, Hotel Booking Script is fully customised in the concept of Airbnb to launch in the market.

Gofer – Uber Clone Script

Gofer (uber clone) is the best on demand app with the concept of connecting people in different fields who demand and offer the online services. Our Uber clone is available in both iOS and Android Apps. Our Uber clone script can be customised in a better way to do business in other services like electric works, plumbing service, gardening service, laundry service, courier service, delivery services and much more. Our best on demand uber clone script has all the standard and extraordinary features for both the user and service provider. Gofer is available for both web and mobile application to provide taxi booking services.

GoferEats – UberEats Clone Script

GoferEats is the UberEats clone script from Trioangle, it works in the concept of online food ordering system with delivery option. GoferEats is completely user friendly to admin, user, restaurant and drivers as well. According to the demand our Ubereats clone script can be easily customised. Responsive and reliability is the major traits of our clone script. Our clone script can be reinforced in both Android and iOS. Salient features of our clone script helps to make stand distinctive from competitors.

Also we are good in offering other technical support for entrepreneurs. Like app submission, server installation, bug support, source code, white labelling and others.

If you have any queries we are there to make room for you. Contact sales@trioangle.com or tap on https://www.trioangle.com/products

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