Diana Ross had a great question in the Theme from Mahogany. Do you konw where your going to? do you like what life is showing you? That was aquestion that impacted me years ago .At that time had a time I was the owner of a brick and mortar business with two offices and a sixty five thousand dollar monthly payable before I could pay myself. My life was in my sales representatives hands . If they sold life was good If they didn't yikes .

That was when I first got introduced to the option and the possibilities of something better form the home over ten years ago . Time flies when your having fun . So I became a home based Travel agent part time then full time when I had to become a caregiver to and ailing parent. Careing for and aging parent is one of lifes realities today .Financail challenges thru downsizing out sourcing and many other reasons became reason to help reason to help people make a lasting change

What I discovered was the Majic of Part time as the late Jime Rohn put it you can work on building a fortune part time .To beable to do more be more and give more. Who can do this? Anybody can if you want to make a change

As a travel agent I have people create a lifetime of memories one trip at a time. A partner of mine in the travel services industry found a better way for people to create that lifetime of memories.I whole heatedly agreed. Serving and Giving people what they want is crucial

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When your asked the question in the future .Do you know where your going to you can say Yes I'm headed for the beaches of the worls and my life is how it was meant to be .

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Don't just dream it. Do it

Author's Bio: 

Dan Bryant is the owner of Your Travel Authority in Windsor Ontario Canada .
Bonded Travel agent for over 5 years helping people achieve travel and lifestyle dreams
leader and trainer
Travel Writer and Photographer member of the International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance