Books never go out of style. Paper or electronic - it does not matter. We read at home and on vacation, on business, for fun. Where and how to look for good reading?

On the shelves of bookstores today you can find hundreds of books on any topic and any taste. And the assortment of numerous electronic libraries, where it is offered to download good reading material for a fee or for free, amounts to thousands of titles. How to navigate this book sea? Obviously, we need a system. We offer you several search options.

Your landmarks when searching
It is important to understand when, where and why you are going to read. One and the same person can enjoy intellectual reading at home and vainly swallow ladies novels while lying on the beach. And guidelines for choosing such polar opposite books will be different.

Nominees awards
If you want to read high-quality literature and are not afraid of difficulties, first of all look for books in the list of nominees for prestigious book awards.

These are books that are in fashion today and are best sold. They do not always represent a high-quality literature, but to maintain a conversation such a book should be, at a minimum, leafed through. Look for lists on the Internet by typing, in the search box, for example, “The best-selling books of a certain year.”

Last year, for example, the dystopia novel by the famous Canadian writer Cecilia Ahern “The Ideal” became the most widely read book.

Reader Reviews
On the Internet there are many sites that collect reviews of books. For example, LiveLib - it’s good to look for landmarks for easy reading, choosing a book for a vacation, because such reviews are primarily a barometer of mass preferences. This is a social network for book lovers, where you can not only exchange opinions, but even change books or donate them.

Check the heroes of robloxia comic books! This is a good choice for the children.

Reviews of professionals
It is better to be guided by this criterion, choosing books for self-development, acquisition of skills. Look for reviews in specialized journals.

Find Book Service
Today, buying a good book is expensive. Especially if you prefer paper. This search engine has the simplest interface - a sign where you need to enter the name, the name of the author, the publisher. The site is looking for books on catalogs of both large and small stores and helps to compare prices without leaving home.

But there are other ways to search. Typing in the instagram hashtags # book or # mirdolznnnatnya that I read , you will find that many people post photos of the covers of read books with comments or write full reviews.

Few of the uninitiated know that BookTube exists in the depths of YouTuba. Type this word in the search box - and you will enter the world of book video bloggers, who regularly post reviews, share their impressions not only about the books themselves, but also tell funny stories about book shopping, etc.

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