I have a degree.

Yes, an advanced degree from a highly respected university.

It opened some doors to making a good income.

But something was missing . . .

It seemed like no matter how much we made, there wasn't enough. In reality, making money wasn't the problem. What we did with it was.

You know, after all those years of education, there was not one class, not even one seminar, on how to manage money and build a fortune.

Sure, there are plenty of classes and courses that teach skills, trades, and professions all centered around the assumption that if we learn to make money, we will figure out the rest. Figuring it out came in a rather strange way.

A Friend of A Friend

It all happened mostly by chance.

A friend of a friend told me about a guy by the name of Peter Jeppson.

Peter had suffered severe trauma as a young man when a firey auto crash left him near death from 2nd and 3rd degree burns over most of his body.

Recovery took years. Medical expenses climbed into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for treatment.

Dispare lurked. Even family members suggested bankruptcy as an option.

But, Peter would have none of it. With nothing but time on his hands as he endured the painful process necessary to heal, Peter began to study. How would he ever be able to pay the bills? There must be a way. And find it he did.

Four Basic Pieces to the Puzzle

From his study Peter discovered that when you match determination, need, and the indomitable human spirit, magical things happen. By the time Peter finished therapy and left the hospital for good, he had not only healed his body, but he had found a solution to the financial problem as well.

It boils down to four basic parts:

1. Control Spending

2. Eliminate Debt

3. Minimize taxes

4. Money in motion creates more money

What Peter discovered is that these four simple and easy to learn principles, when combined with the determination to put them into practiced, can help anyone, yes, ANYONE, learn to build a fortune.

Teaching and sharing these principles turned into a way of life and a business for Peter.

Just like learning most skills, it really helps to have a good teacher, but even then we can feel really awkward at first - like learning to ride a bike. But with practice the skill becomes easy, then fun. Before you know it, the student becomes the teacher. And sharing the skill with others is not only immensely satisfying and rewarding but helps to accelerate principle 4 by increasing income.

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Author's Bio: 

Kent Gwilliam, experienced in a trade, schooled at a major university and educated on a farm; on a mission is to help one million Americans clean their credit, eliminate debt and build wealth. For more information visit my blog at http://free-money-tips.com.