Humor packed her bags and hit the road. She gave no warning. Didn't leave a note. Just up and left one sunny afternoon. Didn't even bother to close the door. Rude. Just plain rude. It's quite possible she ran off with The Muse. Not sure, but seems like they both disappeared around the same time. Probably lounging around some glamorous poolside, sipping Margaritas and having those cabana boys fan them with palm fronds. Little hussies.

When Humor takes off, she doesn't mess around. She takes the whole she-bang with her. Giggles, chuckles, big-fat-belly-laughs, pee-in-your-pants-uncontrollable laughter and every little thing in between. She's quite the little scamp when she walks out. Based on the way she left, without warning and all, I'm guessing she probably laughed her ass off all the way to the airport where her private jet was waiting (and, no doubt, The Muse too).

When I realized she was gone, I did what any 'normal' person might do: I got all pissed off at her. I cursed her. I shouted 'good riddance'. I took all her pictures off the walls. I told myself I didn't need her silly ass anyway. I can do this on my own. To hell with her. I'll show that selfish #!*&!

And then...(isn't there ALWAYS "and then"?!)

Woke up one morning and realized just how much I missed her. Realized it had been a long, long time since I'd laughed so hard that I cried. I missed her silliness and her child-like glee and the way she could laugh even in the face of the most dire situations. I missed her goofy guffaws and her twinkling eyes. I felt the tears roll down my cheeks, and that horrible knot in my gut, wondering if she was ever coming back. Wondered if she missed me as much as I missed her. Wondered how in the world I was going to find her and so I could beg her to come home.

About an hour after I had my cry, I decided that the only thing I could do was let go of the angst and try to remember what it felt like to have her around. To somehow create the feelings within myself to get the laughter back. It took me a bit longer than I'd expected, but pretty soon I was walking around with this giant grin on my face. I was rolling on the floor with my dog (who is a VERY funny guy), telling jokes and working myself into a full-blown giggle fit. It was SO much fun.

Shortly thereafter, I heard her come through the door. She was roaring with laughter, tears rolling down her angel face, with her arms outstretched and the love shining from her eyes. Right behind her was The Muse. Yep. The two of them showed up together, all happy and silly and thrilled to see me. I could hardly believe it! There we were, hugging and laughing and having a party, like they'd never been gone in the first place. Even Bruzer (that's my dog) was doin' a dance!

Go figure.

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Camille Olivia Strate is a blossoming Being who loves to write, garden, and laugh. A lot. She is also the author of a darling little book entitled: "Whispers~The Often Subtle Sometimes Rowdy Voice of Truth". For more information and/or to get your copy, you can find her on OR go to her website. (